How ‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Feels She’s ‘Different’ From Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz

by Josh Lanier

The setup of American Pickers mostly stayed the same for the first 21 seasons of the show. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz would barnstorm across America looking for forgotten treasures. And Danielle Colby handled logistics back at home in either Iowa or Nashville. And Colby liked this arraignment because she felt she was “different” than the boys.

She explained to the Miami New Times in 2012 that each member of American Pickers had a role to play. And she was happy to help out from basecamp where she could also work on her side projects.

“I have a shop as well, next door to [Wolfe’s store] Antique Archaeology,” she said. “I design clothing, and I’m a picker as well. But I’m different from the guys; they’re the ultimate professional pickers. But I do my own little thing on the side with a lot of retro clothing and cowboy boots and vintage-type stuff. So my whole world is a dysfunctional rockabilly princess’ dream come true.”

A lot has changed since that interview, as Colby took on a much larger role in later seasons. She picked with Mike Wolfe and proved she can negotiate with the best of them. Producers fired Frank Fritz during the show’s COVID-19 hiatus. But during the halcyon days of American Pickers, the pickers each played a vital role in the operation.

The thing they all have in common, however, is they’re all hard-working, people pleasers. She discussed how that’s helped them in the antique business on a recent episode of The Sailor Jerry Podcast.

She explained that picking is more about making connections than making sales.

For instance, she said she loves to pick estate sales and church basements. But the problem is this is a fairly common tactic amongst pickers. So, she flashed some of that out-of-the-box wisdom she uses on American Pickers to get a leg up on her competition. She’ll often volunteer to do yardwork for the church if it means she can get a peek at what they’re selling before anyone else.

‘American Pickers’ Star Explains How Mike and Frank are Different

Danielle Colby started working with Mike Wolfe long before American Pickers. And she knew Frank Fritz before as well. So, the Miami New Times was dying to know which one she liked working with the most. Who was the coolest member of the cast?

Colby seemed caught a bit off guard, but she knew them well enough to break down their personalities.

“They’re two extremely different people. Mike is like an 8-year-old boy in so many ways. He’s a prankster, and a jokester, and always the center of attention. Envisioning an 8-year-old boy — they still are very loving and sweet with their family, still giving out hugs and kisses and stuff, but at the same time they love to go out and cause trouble and wreak havoc in the fun little 8-year-old boy way.

“Frankie is the exact opposite. He’s the old man of the group. He is very strict with schedules and regimented, and really likes things a certain way. But he has an incredibly funny, dynamic personality — a huge, huge personality.”