How Betty White’s Social Media Accounts Will Honor Her Legacy

by Maggie Schneider

Betty White’s assistant is taking over the late actress’ social media profiles in an effort to honor her legacy.

The world misses Betty White and her social media presence. Whether she was posting a cute picture with an animal or a “Golden Girls” throwback, the late actress brought smiles to people’s faces. In an effort to honor her legacy, White’s assistant Kiersten Mikelas will continue posting on her behalf.

In her first Instagram post on White’s account, Mikelas explains why she is taking over the icon’s profiles. It turns out that Betty White’s estate offered her the opportunity.

“Hello everyone! Kiersten again,” she begins. “Betty’s estate has ver graciously offered me the opportunity to manage Betty’s social media accounts moving forward (no, I have not done this previously). I am so grateful, and look forward to posting fun and meaningful memories.”

Her assistant goes on to say that she will be be creating uplifting comment about “the things that mattered to her [White] most…animals, the environment, being kind, all that she embodied.”

Mikelas asks for fans’ patience and offers a few pictures of the ducks that inhabited Betty White’s pool.

“In the meantime here’s a pic of one of the ducks that took up residence in Betty’s pool during the COVID craziness. The ducks provided daily entertainment.”

Fans Reactions To Betty White’s Assistant

Fans are happy to see Kiersten Mikelas continuing Betty White’s legacy online. The comments section is overflowing with sweet messages about both women.

“Hi Kiersten! It’ll be so wonderful to see Betty’s legacy live on through your memories of her and what you post! Thank you for sharing her with us, and thanks to her family/estate for allowing us to continue to treasure her,” one fan says.

“This is wonderful!! Thank you for taking this on and continuing to share Betty with us. ❤️” another writes.

There are also many comments about how one of Rose’s children on “Golden Girls” was named Kiersten. Could this be a coincidence?

“Her daughter on the golden girls was named [Kiersten],” one fan says.

“I love this and also love how Kiersten is the name of one of Rose’s children from Golden Girls,” adds another.

I’m sure each of the late actress’ 1.9 million followers is looking forward to seeing more highlights from her life.

Betty White’s Final Instagram Post

In celebration of her centennial birthday, Betty White’s final post before her death was showing off her PEOPLE Magazine Cover. Since the actress passed before her big day, the caption hurts to read.

“My 100th birthday… I cannot believe it is coming up, and People Magazine is celebrating with me!”