How ‘Chicago Fire’ Alum Jesse Spencer Got His Start

by Joe Rutland

With all the success that Chicago Fire alum Jesse Spencer has had in his career, just when did he get his start in acting?

Let’s stake a look at this story from Looper and get some details.

Spencer played Lieutenant Matthew Casey on the show.

Let us take a look back to his heartthrob teenager days as Billy Kennedy from Neighbours.

The Australian actor starred in this Australian soap opera series on the 7 Network starting in 1994. Now the show itself debuted in 1985 — and it’s still running today.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Begins Playing Role on Australian TV Drama at 15 Years Old

Anyway, the Chicago Fire actor started on the show when he was just 15 years old. Spencer played Susan and Karl’s son, Billy Kennedy. He stole the heart of many young women when he appeared on the TV screen. He was a popular dreamboat, and that’s not hard to believe.

Spencer was on there for six years and more than 460 episodes.

When the year 2000 rolled around, he decided to leave the show. It appears that Neighbours had lost its appeal for him. Spencer reportedly grew bored with predictable, dull storylines. He says to Hello! Magazine, “When I said I was leaving, I hoped they would make Bill’s departure interesting — but he just moves away from Erinsborough, there’s no drama to it.

“It’s disappointing and typical of the last two years of storylines,” the now-former Chicago Fire star said at the time.

After leaving there, he became a familiar face on the USA Network and David Shore’s award-winning drama, House M.D. Ironically, Spencer played opposite British actor Hugh Laurie on the show.

Executive Producer of NBC Drama Says Show Misses Actor Every Day

Well, that old saying of absence makes the heart grow fonder can apply to Chicago Fire and the show’s executive producer.

According to TVLine, his long-distance love Sylvie Brett seems to be handling life without Casey just fine.

So, she is fronting a new paramedic program to help minimize 911 calls to the Chicago Fire Department. And she finally sees her plans come to fruition in the holiday special for the TV show.

During a temporary rollout, the Paramedic in Charge will pitch her idea to the big wigs. Then, we will see if she can get full funding to make the program a permanent situation.

Brett’s jolly life rolls along without her beau.

But Spencer’s loss is still felt by the show and the executive producer.

“We miss his presence,” this person tells TV Line. “Not only onscreen but onset. He made every day fun. It’s a big hole and I think you miss that on the show.”