How ‘Chicago Fire’ Made Franchise History With Latest Behind-Scenes Move

by Lauren Boisvert

The “One Chicago” franchise is already a history maker with its various crossovers over its three series. But specifically, “Chicago Fire” has upped the stakes by appointing a new co-showrunner.

As of Friday, Nov. 12, Andrea Newman is the new co-showrunner of “Chicago Fire.” She’s been with the show from the start, eventually working her way up to executive producer in season 6. She will work alongside current showrunner Derek Haas on “Chicago Fire.” Haas said of Newman, “Andrea’s voice is embedded in the soul of ‘Chicago Fire’ […] no one in Hollywood works harder or cares more about making great television than she.”

Truly high praise. This decision is making history for “Chicago Fire” and the “One Chicago” franchise as a whole; this is the first time there has been a female showrunner for every series in the franchise at the same time. Andrea Newman joins two great women in the franchise, “Chicago PD” showrunner Gwen Sigan and “Chicago Med” showrunner Diane Frolov.

Newman has worked on projects like “Felicity,” “24,” and “Cold Case,” so she definitely knows what she’s doing. She’s been a writer for “Chicago Fire” since day one, and she knows the characters inside and out. It sounds like she’ll be great in her new position as co-showrunner; she knows the stories and the characters and can make the right decisions for the show that will please fans.

What’s Been Happening on ‘Chicago Fire’ Lately

Lieutenant Jason Pelham recently took over for Matt Casey as leader of Truck 81, and fans are wondering if he’s going to stick around. He’s proving to be an intriguing character, as there’s some mystery to his backstory that fans and characters alike don’t know about.

Pelham and Gallo were coming to verbal blows in the last three episodes of “Chicago Fire,” but now they seem to have come to a tentative truce. After the two had it out earlier in the episode, Pelham supported Gallo when he revealed that calls involving children are harder for him to deal with. Gallo lost his sister in a fire, and struggles with those types of calls. Pelham notices that he needs time to decompress after the call; maybe the two will form a friendship, or maybe Pelham will become Gallo’s new mentor on the squad?

Gallo and Pelham have a moment of truce at Otis’ memorial at the firehouse; Gallo reveals that he went through a similar situation when he started at 51, in that everyone thought he was replacing Otis. Now, everyone thinks Pelham is replacing Casey, and acting a little cold towards him. Gallo especially.

He finally welcomed Pelham to the squad, in his own personal way. Given their mishaps, that probably meant a lot coming from Gallo. Now, we just have to figure out what happened that caused Pelham to drift unemployed for a while before coming to 51. Was there tragedy in his past? Keep watching “Chicago Fire” to find out.