How ‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Felt More ‘Part of the Community’ of Chicago Through Every Season

by John Jamison

Taylor Kinney has been playing Chicago firefighter Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire for nearly ten years now. When the Pennsylvania native took the job, he couldn’t have known how much the city of Chicago would grow on him.

The One Chicago franchise, anchored by the long-running Chicago Fire, cares about its setting. The city of Chicago isn’t just some arbitrary place they picked. It’s a canvas for exploring the lives of first responders across three successful procedurals.

And just as fans have been taken with the stories Chicago Fire tells, Taylor Kinney has fallen in love with the city itself.

“I feel each year, each season, I become more and more a part of the community. Me and (co-star) Monica Raymund invested in a restaurant in the West Loop. I’m pickier than I realized when I first started looking for property, for an apartment house to buy, to live there. I’ve been there for five years. I’ve come to love the city and want to live there, and I’ll probably keep it after the show ends,” the Chicago Fire star told Front Row Features in 2017.

Taylor Kinney isn’t just an investor, though. He’s really becoming part of the community.

“With the sports teams, I’ve gotten to know a couple of buddies, and I’ve done a number of charity events with members of the (Chicago) Cubs, different foundation work. Kerry Wood, an ex-pitcher for the Cubs, as a foundation that does some great work. So, getting out and just being a part of the community, to watch that grow, is great,” Kinney continued.

Keep in mind—this interview took place in 2017. Four years later, we can only imagine that Taylor Kinney’s appreciation for Chicago has grown.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Is a Frequent Participant in Lake Michigan Polar Plunge

If you know anything about Chicago, you know that it gets bone-chillingly cold in the winter. To fully embrace the extreme temperatures, many locals charge into Lake Michigan every year. Apparently, plunging into freezing cold water is good for the immune system. Oh, they also do it to benefit the Special Olympics. That’s probably the motivating factor.

The Chicago Fire star even ran into late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon at the event one year. He brought it up during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

“I remember you had a suit on, and you went all just, like, full suit. And I go, well, ‘how’s he going to get out?’ That’s got to be, like, triple as cold,” said Kinney.

Say what you will about Taylor Kinney, but the Kelly Severide actor has gone all-in when it comes to engaging with the local community’s traditions. His only real barrier is that he can’t get on board with deep dish pizza.