How ‘Chicago PD’ Alum Sophia Bush’s New Drama Stacks Up Against the Competition

by Hannah Heser

Chicago PD alum Sophia Bush talks about how her new drama, Good Sam, competes with other medical shows. Throughout Bush’s acting career, this is her first time playing a doctor.

After her unexpected exit from Chicago PD, she quickly took on this new role. Furthermore, Sophia’s entrance along with her co-star, Jason Isaacs is one of CBS’s best ideas yet. It gives fans a more entertaining look at the new show. But it’s also comparable to other medical dramas on other television networks.

How Sophia Bush’s New Show Compares to Other Medical Drama’s

Firstly, the show that shares the most similarities with Sophia’s is ABC’s The Good Doctor. For instance, it focuses more on surgery and surgeons than other medical jobs, according to CinemaBlend.

Another show that competes with Good Sam is Grey’s Anatomy. Both of the shows share a common theme of surgery. Grey’s Anatomy is one of ABC’s most popular medical series and has been airing for 18 seasons. In other words, there is a lot more background on Grey’s than there is for Sophia’s new show right now. But things can definitely change once more episodes start airing. After all, medical drama fans could end up loving Good Sam more.

NBC’s Chicago Med is another similar show, although their main focus is on the emergency room. It is also a spinoff of another popular NBC series, Chicago Fire.

On January 4, Sophia Bush discussed her new show with CBS News, and you can check out the YouTube video below.

In the clip, the CBS News interviewers ask her a question that refers to one of her previous roles. That is, “Do you have to hold your breath when you play a dead body?”

“Yeah, there’s always a warning. People do these really slowly, awkward breaths,” Bush answered. “It’s a very weird thing to have to do. When the camera is cut, there’s usually a lot of laughter.”

Afterward, she admits that it’s much nicer to play a character that is alive and well. In reality, I think that’s what most of us would prefer.

Sophia’s Journey in the Medical World

Overall, Good Sam has a long way to go with the series just beginning. But it definitely has the potential. I guess we will just have to keep watching each episode to find more similarities and differences.