How ‘FBI: International’ Films Epic Car Chase Scenes

by Anna Dunn

FBI: International has a unique way of shooting car chase scenes. The show, which is the newest addition to famous producer Dick Wolf’s FBI franchise, has already proven itself unique with its high stakes investigation in locations all over the world.

A new post from Wolf Entertainment gives fans a fascinating inside look at how the scenes are shot. Car scenes are notoriously tricky, but FBI: International somehow makes it look easy.

“Ever wonder how we get the interior footage for speedy car scenes? While we shoot the exteriors on location, interior scenes are often shot on a stage surrounded by screens. Instead of a green screen, our #FBIInternational team used an LED Wall Stage!” the account wrote.

Fans were pumped to get an inside look on how it works.

“This is SO cool!” one fan tweeted. “Truly amazing how you all make it all look perfectly real!”

“cool!” one fan wrote “great job on the camera team.”

FBI: International hasn’t just provided fancy camera tricks, however. It’s also given fans a whole new set of characters that many have already grown to enjoy. Also, they have a dog in the cast, which is always going to be a bonus.

The ‘FBI: International’ Producer Teased that One Character May Get in Some Big Trouble

In a recent interview, FBI: International showrunner Derek Haas has teased that Jamie Kellett may be getting into some serious trouble. In a recent interview with TV Insider, Haas indicated that Kellett may do something that’ll get on Washington’s radar.

“There’s going to be a case with Kellett where she makes choices that could flash onto Washington’s radar as far as disciplinary action goes,” he teased. Kellett has shown that he’s willing to bend the rules, but it looks like she’s going to go too far.

It’s hard to tell what that could be at this point. But it looks like the circumstances will surround the midseason finale and Kellet’s past.

“You’re going to hear some backstory on Kellett that’s going to be surprising,” he added.

Kellett has proven herself to be one of the more interesting characters, so it’ll be interesting to see what this new development will reveal. In the interview, Haas also mentioned the interesting dynamic between Kellett and Forrester, who’ve shown some contention so far. That dynamic also looks like something to keep an eye on as the show continues.

If you want to catch the latest FBI: International episodes, you can tune in to CBS every Tuesday night at 9/8 central. It’s in the middle of a three-hour night that also airs FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, giving fans a way to watch new episodes of each show in one night.