How ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Feel About Amy Schneider Beating James Holzhauer’s Record

by Chris Haney
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Following Friday night’s historic win, current Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider‘s 33rd victory put her in third place in all-time wins on the game show. Friday’s big win broke the tie between herself and iconic Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer. And fans have mixed reactions about Schneider overtaking Holzhauer in the show’s Top 3.

As of Friday’s episode, Schneider entered rare territory for Jeopardy! contestants. She now sits in third place, and only trails two other legendary competitors. Matt Amodio currently holds second place with a 38-game win streak that just came to a close in October of last year. Schneider will now set her sights on earning six more wins to overtake second place. Yet she’ll have much further to go to reach Ken Jennings’ longstanding first-place record. In 2004, Jennings went on a 74-game win streak that is still the mark to beat.

For now, Schneider sits at 33 consecutive wins and has already earned $1,111,800 during her run. When speaking after her latest victory, the current champ said she’s “blown away” by her success on the game show.

“I’m just blown away,” Schneider said of her 33-game win streak. “I’ve said, I did start to think about this number [33 wins] a while ago. But I didn’t really think [I’d get here]. That only two other people have done this is just hard to wrap my mind around.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans React to Amy Schneider’s 33rd Win On Social Media

Of course, Jeopardy! fans have strong opinions about their favorite game show. They also have strong feelings about the show’s champions, so Schneider passing Holzhauer has warranted quite the reaction on social media.

Fans took to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and more to express their support for Schneider and Holzhauer both. In fact, as many fans are excited for the current champ’s ongoing win streak, there’s plenty who think Holzhauer is the better competitor.

“Amy is a great player but I do feel James would stomp her if they had to face off. James would stomp Matt too. I think only Ken could beat James,” a fan on Reddit said.

“She surpassed James Holzhauer’s record but less than half of money James won in 32 games,” another fan shared in support of Holzhauer.

In contrast, Amy Schneider has plenty of supporters. And many of her fans want to see Amy continue her win streak on the way to taking over first place.

“I appreciate Amy so much, on so many levels! Go Amy!” a Schneider fan on YouTube wrote.

“Amy is a wonderful player, I salute her,” another fan agreed.

“Keep breaking records, Amy! You got this!” a fan said of her Jeopardy! win streak.

“I want her to knock down Ken’s record so we can see him react in real time,” another fan wrote in reference to Jennings hosting the show.

Schneider isn’t even to the halfway point of Ken Jennings’ first place record. But if she keeps this up, we may see Jennings begin to sweat a bit while at the podium as she gets closer to his 74-game win streak.