How Judge Judy Fans Will Notice Major Similarities Between New Show and the Original

by Kati Michelle

Judith Sheindlin is back. And if that name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe Judge Judy might. The former judge from New York drew in massive ratings over a 25 season run from ’96 to this year with her original show. Sheindlin starred as herself taking on small claims cases (up to $5k) with a no-holds-barred approach. Sheindlin actually earned an impressive title as TV’s longest-serving judge/arbitrator for this work with a Guinness World Record marker to prove it, too.

Though her trusty sidekick and bailiff Petri Hawks Byrd didn’t get an invite to the new gig, her granddaughter Sarah Rose will be joining Judge Judy for the upcoming “Judy Justice” dropping on IMDb TV on November 1st. Although there may be some slight changes, fans will notice some major similarities between the revamp and classic Judge Judy as well. We’re just days away from the gavel drop and hearing that unmistakable voice as it shrieks things in the vein of “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” Here’s what to look out for.

New Judge Judy Show Stays True to Its Roots

First and foremost, one of the original show’s producers, Randy Douthit, is joining the re-vamp. Additionally, “Judy Justice” follows the same exact set-up with Judith Sheindlin front and center. Some new territory does pop up in the realm of gig-workers, “Karens,” and social media, but ultimately, Judge Judy oversees the same classic scuffles.

Regardless of the decade, it seems that people continue to find conflict when it comes to treacherous family members, unstable relationships, and even threats of physical violence. Whether the battles come from a desire for 15min of fame or a desperate bid for money, Judge Judy will continue to put people in their place unapologetically.

Its home on a streaming service is a bit different, but that might actually be a good thing. Instead of rushing to catch a glimpse of Judge Judy before picking up the kids from school every day, now it will be available anytime anywhere.

‘You Want Her to Believe That?’

Judge Judy actually ramped up her social media presence to promote the new show and the clips are just as ridiculous as you’d hope for. Her latest tweet focuses on the concept of hearsay. This is also known as “the report of another person’s words by a witness.” Judy furthers this explanation by saying “it’s typically considered gossip or baloney and thrown out as evidence.”

This is something Judy dealt with a lot over the past 25 seasons and it looks like that’s not changing for the upcoming run. But she won’t have any of it! In the video, she asks “You want me to believe that? You want this face to believe that?” We can only guess what baloney that’s in response to.

Catch a laugh here: