How ‘NCIS’ Fans Feel About New Team Calling Itself a ‘Family’

by Madison Miller

When a new “NCIS” team member joins the team, do they quickly become a part of the family? Although the new core cast on the long-running crime show seems to refer to themselves as family, some fans at home can’t help but disagree.

One viewer on Reddit seems to think the concept of an “NCIS” family this season is overdone. And even a bit inaccurate. “This could be pretty controversial but in my opinion the only team who really felt like a family was from season 1 -10 and they didn’t even need to mention it every episode. [In my opinion] the family thing seems forced after season 10. In almost every episode they mention that they are like a family but the ‘new’ team just hasn’t the dynamic,” the user wrote on a thread from the “NCIS” subreddit.

Is the ‘NCIS’ Crew One Big Happy Family?

Others seem to disagree with this person’s sentiment. One person countered that there are really only two new additions to the team, Parker and Knight. They also said that this current “NCIS” team is better than the “NCIS: Hawai’i” crew.

“Parker I think is a good replacement for Gibbs. There just hasn’t been a situation yet where we’ve seen them all react together and either morn/fight/care with each other,” they wrote.

Another person happened to half agree and half disagree. They agreed that no team dynamic will ever be quite the same as it was when characters like Ziva, Kate, and DiNozzo were around. This person argued that the idea of “NCIS” members being a family faded away quickly during season 14. The reasoning is that the show introduced three new characters at once.

Given characters were introduced all at once, it’s pretty hard to immediately build a family-like bond from that. Over the years, “NCIS” started to have more of a rotating cast. Actors would come and go and that has done some damage to creating a family structure.

“To be honest, they aren’t like family, their good friends are outside of work, they are close with their team but not incredibly, the only people who are family like are Vance, McGee, and Palmer, Torres only really got close to Bishop and Gibbs and Kasie with Gibbs, Ducky, and Palmer, with Gibbs our connecting link gone, even the older characters aren’t family anymore,” wrote another Reddit user.

Fans React Passionately to Instagram Picture

This idea of a core team or family-like dynamic recently came up after the official “NCIS” Instagram account shared a photo with fans.

It was a picture of the entire team all standing in one room together. It was captioned, “The year may be coming to an end but the #NCIS team is here to stay with an all NEW episode, Monday!”

Many fans quickly lashed out over the fact that no team, or family, seems complete without Gibbs. He left at the beginning of this season in a very emotional moment on TV. Since then, fans really haven’t been able to let him go.

“I miss Gibbs” wrote one person, meanwhile someone else even said, “It doesn’t feel like NCIS anymore.”