How Tom Cruise Could Win an Oscar for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

by Megan Molseed

The long-awaited Top Gun sequel film, Top Gun: Maverick has blasted past some long-held box office records, making it one of star Tom Cruises’ most prolific films. And, this film’s unprecedented success may bring Tom Cruise a perfect opportunity for an Academy Award.

It may be a bit of a long shot, after all, roles like Cruise’s Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell aren’t necessarily the types of roles that pull in the Oscar gold. However, this Top Gun: Maverick performance given by Tom Cruise is certainly something special. And, it’s clear that Maverick will be making a big splash at the Oscars, best actor option aside.

Top Gun: Maverick Will Be A Top Contender At The Upcoming Academy Awards

While it’s still uncertain what nominations will come from Maverick’s impressive run, it would be no surprise if it finishes strong in multiple categories. The film’s impressive power-ballad theme song, Hold My Hand which is performed by the iconic Lady Gaga is a nearly certain contender for an Academy Award. And, the Top Gun sequel’s impressive special effects – and sound effects – will no doubt receive some major recognition.

Tom Cruise Already Has A Trio Of Oscar Nominations

Tom Cruise has received three Oscar nominations during his impressive decades-long career in the film business. These Academy Award nominations come from Cruise’s turn as the leading man in the film classics Born on the Fourth of July and Jerry Maguire.

The prolific actor’s turn as a supporting character in the 1999 fantasy/drama film Magnolia earned Cruise his third Oscar nomination. However, despite these multiple recognitions, the actual statue continues to elude the Top Gun star. Maybe the enormous success of Top Gun: Maverick is all Cruise needs now to finally bring this statue home.

It’s A Case Of History Repeating Itself As Fans Clamor To Score Cruise’s Iconic Top Gun Look

In 1986, shortly after the release of the original Top Gun film, the sales of a particular brand of aviator shades shot way up. This, of course, comes as Tom Cruise’s Maverick made the already cool shades even cooler in the popular film.

Top Gun fans know these aviator shades well. They are the same ones that Cruise’s Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell sports in both Top Gun films. The sales of these aviator shades spiked by nearly 40% in 1986 after the original film’s release. Now, history is repeating itself as a recent Bloomberg report notes that sales of this same style of Ray-Ban shades, the RB3025 aviators are now beginning to soar once again.

And, these Ray Bans are almost as good as the ones Maverick sports in the film…almost. However, the look Tom Cruise’s Maverick character sports in the films are custom made, designed specifically for the actor.

“Tom is a stickler,” says Marlene Stewart one of the costume designers for the wildly popular film. “We had many, many fittings for the glasses.”