How You Can Celebrate James Bond’s 60th Anniversary

by Samantha Whidden

Just months from the 60th anniversary of the first James Bond premiere, here is how fans can really celebrate the franchise’s major milestone. 

According to CinemaBlend, author Kim Sherwood is currently writing a James Bond canon. This will feature a new trilogy of books dedicated to the international spy. The initial installment Double of Nothing will introduce a new generation of 00-agents. However, the saga will see Bond in trouble. The book’s description reads, “007 has been captured, perhaps even killed, by a sinister private military company. His whereabouts are unknown.”

Despite James Bond’s fate in the 2021 film No Time to Die, it is noted that Double or Nothing is the start of a new trilogy. However, there are references to the franchise’s pop culture imprint in the names of new agents. This includes 003, Johanna Harwood. An agent named Joseph Dryden is a new addition to the MI6 family as well. The media outlet notes that Dryden may actually take their name from the traitorous section chief that Daniel Craig’s 007 eliminated in order to secure his 00-status in his first Bond film Casino Royale. 

CinemaBlend also reports that fans of the James Bond franchise who enjoy reading about the character are going to have not just Double or Nothing to read this year. In May, Anthony Horowitz will be releasing the third installment in partnership with Ian Fleming’s estate for a thriller called A Mind to Kill. The book from Horowitz will arrive in May and Double or Nothing is to debut in early September. 

Daniel Craig Speaks Out About Moving on From ‘James Bond’ Role 

Following the premiere of his final James Bond film No Time to Die, Daniel Craig opened up to Entertainment Weekly about finally saying goodbye to his spy persona one last time. “I’ll miss everything, I think. I’ll miss the collaboration. I mean, hopefully, I’ll keep working and I’ll have lots of other lovely jobs. But it’s very, very, very rare air.”

Craig goes on to share that apart from the Marvel movies, there aren’t movies that are as big as James Bond. “I’ve had the privilege of being involved in it. It was there before me. And it will be there after me. But I’ve had a chance to be part of all of this. And if you can’t get up from a Bond movie as an actor, what can you get it up for? So yeah, I’ll miss it a lot.”

In regards to returning to the James Bond franchise after Spectre, Daniel Craig said he spoke to the producer Barbara Broccoli about an idea that he had from Casino Royale. “She said, ‘Yeah, go for it.’ We expanded that idea and that became the plot or become at least what we were aiming for. And I’m very, very, very happy we did.”