‘I Love Lucy’: What Was the Least-Watched Episode of Show’s Original Run?

by Anna Dunn

I Love Lucy was a smash hit, but every hit has its least-viewed episode. So which episode was the least viewed during the show’s original run?

According to Ratinggraph.com, the show’s least-watched episode during the original run is an episode titled Lucy Goes to Scotland. Lucy Goes to Scotland is the 144th episode of the hit show and was featured in season 5.

The episode takes place as Lucy decided she wants to investigate her family history. Her family was originally from Scotland. She has a dream where she’s in Medieval Scotland, battling a terrifying two-headed dragon with the Mertz’s face. A Ricky lookalike, “Scotty McCardo,” has to fight to help save her.

In the Episode, Lucy Finds Herself in Her Ancestral Village

The episode is inspired by Brigadoon and features multiple musical numbers. It was a high-effort episode that didn’t get the payoff when it first came out.

In the dream, when Lucy arrives, the villagers welcome her with open arms. But in real life, when Lucy wanted to go to Scotland to look more into her ancestors, Ricky said no. He didn’t believe it was worth it and decided not to listen to her.

A Film about the ‘I Love Lucy’ Stars is Coming out Soon

Even if Lucy Goes to Scotland wasn’t highly viewed, it’s only because the other episodes were record-shattering in comparison. I Love Lucy, and therefore its stars and producers, Lucille Ball and her Husband Desi Arnaz. It makes sense that someone would want to take a closer look at their story.

That’s exactly what Aaron Sorkin plans to do in his upcoming biopic starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem, Being the Ricardos. The film takes a look at what life was like in a week behind the scenes for the two stars. While their marriage appeared ideal when they played the Ricardos, it was anything but behind the scenes. In fact, it was often very tumultuous.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s daughter Luci is also working on the film. She’s working behind the scenes as a consultant, making sure that the film accurately upholds her parent’s legacy as much as possible while still taking a nuanced approach at their difficult relationship.

The film was shot over the course of the summer. While some have had their doubts about Nicole Kidman playing the part, Luci Arnaz has gushed about her performance as her mother and is incredibly excited for people to see the upcoming film.

The highly-anticipated film about the I Love Lucy stars comes to theaters on December 10th. If you want to catch a sneak peak, you can check out the trailer which was released earlier this fall.