‘Indiana Jones 5’: Harrison Ford’s Return Is ‘Brilliant,’ Costar Mads Mikkelsen Says

by Caitlin Berard

The very first Indiana Jones film premiered in 1981, starring Harrison Ford as the titular character. Entitled Raiders of the Lost Ark, the film introduced us to Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, a fictional archaeology professor whose daring adventures take him to faraway places where he fights larger-than-life enemies in his quests to retrieve various ancient artifacts.

The Steven Spielberg film was an immediate success, spawning two more films, The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade within the same decade. Nearly twenty years later, the fourth Indiana Jones film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hit theaters, after which the franchise went dormant again.

As the franchise’s leading actor, Harrison Ford, is now in his 80s, many assumed that Crystal Skull marked the end of Indiana Jones and his legendary adventures. That is until 2016 when reports surfaced that a fifth installment to the franchise was in the works.

It took another five years, but filming finally began in June of 2021 and concluded in February of this year. Sadly, however, the film isn’t scheduled for release until June 30, 2023, and details about the film remain tightly under wraps.

In an interview with Variety at the Sarajevo Film Festival, Mads Mikkelsen confirmed that he was under strict instruction not to reveal a single piece of information. “Yes, but then I would have to kill you all,” he said with a grin after being asked if there was anything he could share about Indiana 5. “It’s one of those, it’s so top secret.”

‘Indiana Jones’ Star Mads Mikkelsen on Working With Harrison Ford

While Mads Mikkelsen couldn’t say a word about Indiana Jones 5, he was free to talk about his iconic costar Harrison Ford. Though Mads Mikkelsen is a hugely successful actor himself, he clearly feels a great deal of respect for the action star.

“Every day of shooting felt like a real Indiana Jones film,” Mikkelsen explained. “It felt like going back to scratch. Everything looked like it. Harrison was there wearing his [Indiana Jones] clothes. It was just a brilliant experience.”

And even though Harrison Ford is 80 years old, he retains the energy levels of a much younger man. “I remember the first day we were shooting, it was a night shoot,” Mikkelsen recalled. “Then we stopped at 5 AM – and then he got on his mountain bike and went biking for 50 kilometers. Harrison is a monster of a man, a very nice monster.”

Harrison Ford himself expressed his indignation at the idea that he’s “too old” to play Indiana Jones. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly back when Crystal Skull was in production, Ford said, “What’s the big deal? The guy’s 18, 20 years older. So what?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard it,” Ford said regarding some fans’ feelings toward an “elderly” action star. “‘Aaaaw, he’s older.’ Well, sh-t, yes. And by the way? So are you. So…are… you! Take a look in the f—ing mirror!”