Is ‘Blue Bloods’ Still Airing During the Winter Olympics?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Did you watch Blue Bloods Friday night, as the police dealt with a possible dirty cop and Henry Reagan tried to find out if a long-time friend died or was murdered?

The episode was called Cold Comfort. And the warmth you felt watching the family dinner will have to be enough to get you through the next few weeks. That’s because the Winter Olympics in Beijing will place Blue Bloods on ice.

Most networks don’t want to put fresh episodes of top shows against wall-to-wall Olympic coverage. Although viewership is getting soft when it comes to the Games, other networks still don’t believe it’s worth using new episodes of top shows against the likes of figure skating and snowboarding.

Rather Than Blue Bloods or NCIS, CBS Is Offering Celebrity Big Brother

CBS is airing fresh content for some shows. Amazing Race will run during the Olympics. Plus, Celebrity Big Brother premieres during this time. It’s the first time on-air for this specific reality competition since 2019. So rather than Blue Bloods or NCIS, CBS is offering a competition with 15 episodes featuring C-list celebrities. You can check the names here. And, if you want to check the Olympic status of other shows, click it here.

As we said, Blue Bloods ran a new episode Friday night. Here’s the plot summary provided by CBS: “Frank contends with a potentially dirty cop within his ranks when Danny and Baez’s investigation into a brutal assault on an NYPD detective reveals the officer may be corrupt. Also, Eddie and Badillo track down the culprits behind the theft of valuable rare works from a celebrated bookstore. Jamie begrudgingly joins Henry as he looks into an old friend’s death he deems suspicious. And Erin snoops into the background of a new woman in Anthony’s life.”

CBS Entertainment

Henry Doesn’t Want to Believe His Friend’s Death Was Accident

It was an action-packed episode, which kicked off with an assault on a police officer. He wasn’t expected to make it through the night after the beating. And the wife of the injured officer kept pushing for Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) to host a press conference. She wanted Frank to laud the bravery of her husband and call him a hero. The injured cop was working narcotics. And he’d been taking kickbacks from a rival gang in exchange for information. The husband survived the attack, although he probably would never walk again. He confessed what he’d done to Frank. Then Frank instructed the wife to ask her husband what happened.

Henry, with grandson Jamie, attended the funeral of his former chief of staff. Henry couldn’t believe his friend died after tripping while out exercising. He was convinced someone murdered his friend and made it look like an accident. But it truly was a horrible accident.

Anthony also got miffed at Erin in a Blue Bloods side plot that had nothing to do with crimes. Rather, she saw him out with a much younger woman. She immediately assumed the woman was trying to con Anthony. Erin even followed Anthony to a restaurant. It turns out the young woman with Anthony was the daughter of a man he helped send to prison. But Anthony kept in touch with the woman to make sure she was doing OK. Erin tried to apologize to Anthony, but Anthony put their friendship on ice.

It’s kind of like CBS did to Blue Bloods and other shows as the Winter Olympics dominate prime time.