Is ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Going to Fall Into Trap of Repeating Plot Twists?

by Lauren Boisvert

“Dexter: New Blood” is coming to an end, and we’ve seen all sorts of new twists and turns during this season. Or have we? With “New Blood” on its last episode, the show runs the risk of falling into its own traps.

Dexter’s fate comes down to whatever Angela decides to do at this point. Just like it was with Deb in the original series. Angela might sympathize with Dexter if she finds out he killed Kurt Caldwell, because Kurt killed her best friend. She may decide to let him go. But, if she does, this bumps up against another plot point that occurred in season 5.

Deb discovers Dexter’s secret in season 7, and she keeps it instead of turning him in. Here are two women – Deb and Angela – with strong emotional ties to Dexter, who ultimately could have turned him in but didn’t. Angela has that potential, at least, since we don’t yet know what she’s going to do.

Personally, I feel that Angela is too loyal to the law to let Dexter go. She wouldn’t jeopardize her career by letting a serial killer loose if she pieces together that he’s the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Then, there’s the whole point of “Dexter: New Blood”; to right the wrongs of the season 8 finale. Dexter gets away without any consequences for his actions. “New Blood” could atone for those sins by locking Dexter up or killing him at the hands of a woman who cares about him. Letting him go, again, would just repeat the season 8 finale. Essentially, there’s a chance to really bring “Dexter” to a close, or there’s a chance to repeat the same story forever.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Executive Producer Possibly Hinted at Second Season

“Dexter: New Blood” executive producer Scott Reynolds tweeted yesterday, January 7, about an “EXCITING #DexterNewBlood announcement” that he’s revealing on Monday. Could this be news about a second season we’ve all been waiting for?

If the show got canceled, I don’t think an exec would label the news as “exciting” in all caps. So, news of a second season is definitely possible. With the show ending on Sunday, I can’t think of anything else that would warrant that kind of response.

Fans have been wondering for some time if there’s going to be a second season of “Dexter: New Blood.” There’s been so much speculation about it lately, and we’ve been wondering what would even happen in a second season?

Either Dexter’s going to die, go to jail, or escape with Harrison. But, would Harrison leave Audrey? Does he even want to be a serial killer? Whatever happens, we know Dexter has a big showdown with Angela coming up. Or, at least a big conversation to have.