Is ‘Die Hard’ a Christmas Movie? New York Shoppers Settle the Debate Once and For All

by Jonathan Howard

Okay, y’all. Christmas Eve is almost here and you know what that means Outsiders. The eternal debate about Die Hard continues. Is it or isn’t it a Christmas movie?

In order to get to the bottom of things, thankfully we were able to hear from some New York shoppers that answered what seems like an age-old question at this point. Is Die Hard a holiday film? Why or why not? At this point, we all have had to deal with the arguments.

Probably the strongest argument has to be the fact that the movie takes place on Christmas Eve at a Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza. John McClane has to take back the tower from terrorists. It has the date and setting of a Christmas movie, so why not?

Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Absolutely,” one shopper said.

Most of the folks that responded were adamant that the movie is a holiday movie. While a few folks were not so sure about the film being in the same category as The Grinch or A Christmas Story. Yes, it is an action film, but that doesn’t mean anything about having those holiday elements.

If folks want Die Hard to be a Christmas movie, so be it. I won’t be the one to tell them they are wrong. This weekend starting on Christmas Eve, there will be plenty of holiday films to watch and take in with friends and family.

Christmas Films and Holiday Marathons Besides ‘Die Hard’

So, let’s say Die Hard isn’t your thing. Well, that’s alright because there are going to be a slew of great films and holiday specials. Starting Christmas Eve, you can catch all kinds of movies. If you don’t think that Indiana Jones is a holiday franchise, try telling that to the Paramount Network.

Four Indiana Jones films will be shown on the day before Christmas for viewers to see on Paramount. Of course, there are more traditional TV marathons going on, too.

The most notable has to be A Christmas Story. This year both TNT and TBS will be airing the movie for 24 hours straight. You will have plenty of time to catch the movie, perhaps in segments throughout the holiday if you would like. After all, you have 24 hours to see it.

White Christmas is going to get a marathon on SundanceTV. While that isn’t a traditional channel, those that have it will be able to catch Bing Crosby and the cast sing and dance and do all that makes this film such a beloved holiday classic.

The entire weekend is going to be full of holiday cheer, movies, and TV specials. So eat plenty, be merry, and sit back, relax and watch some Christmas classics. Even if it is Die Hard.