Is ‘NCIS’ Airing a New Episode Tonight?

by Joe Rutland

With it being Monday night and CBS lining up its Monday night shows, probably some people want to know if NCIS is airing a new episode?

Well, let’s take a look and see with a little help from Matt & Jess.

The answer is no. NCIS is in the middle of a Christmas hiatus and will be back with an original episode on Jan. 3, 2022. Want more bad news? It’ll be off on Jan. 10 for college football’s National Title Game.

Alright, Outsiders, there are some other issues to look at about NCIS.

Will it come back for Season 20? If CBS gave the go-ahead, then it’d be going into some rarified TV series air. NCIS could join series like Gunsmoke, Law & Order, and Law & Order: SVU among the longest-running shows.

Ratings have been OK, too. Sure, they dipped a bit when Mark Harmon stopped playing Leroy Jethro Gibbs this season. But it remains the most-watched show on Monday nights live at 7.6-million-plus viewers.

Also, there are elements of the cast that must be addressed. Harmon is still in the opening credits. Could he come back? Then Wilmer Valderrama just signed up to play Zorro in a show in development.

We will have to wait and see what the future holds for NCIS. Gary Cole is on there playing Special Agent Alden Parker.

‘NCIS’ Fans Are Calling Out An Important Detail In Gibbs’ House

Just leave it to the fans of NCIS as they see an important detail in Jethro Gibbs’ house.

The show has definitely put some fan-favorite characters’ homes and apartments in the spotlight over its 19 seasons. None, though, have debuted so prominently as Gibbs’. A lot of people have been going over to Leroy’s place since NCIS started in 2003.

Getting outside the squad room sends characters showing up at that house for discussions, protection detail, and showdowns with criminals. Let’s go to Reddit, though, as NCIS fans point out an interesting detail regarding Gibbs’ home.

No, Outsiders, we are not talking about a lack of interior decoration.

One Redditor who obviously is an OG NCIS fan has watched each season and episode over and over again.

This person writes, “I have been watching this show since day one and seen every episode four times. One thing that has crossed my mind is Gibbs would have a hell of a time if he tried to sell his house.”

What is this question leading to right now?

“[A]ll the bodies over the years…I’m sure most of the dead are in classified files but you still have to disclose that when you sell a house.” Yep, you can just imagine all the victims from NCIS being right there at old Gibbs’ place. Just add it to the imagination of a Redditor.