Jack Osbourne Pulls Back Curtain on Ghost Hunting for ‘Night of Terror’

by Chris Haney

During a recent interview, Jack Osbourne opened up about hosting a new Halloween ghost hunting special he filmed with his sister, Kelly Osbourne. The siblings are hosting Discovery+’s Jack & Kelly Osbourne: Night of Terror together, and Jack has revealed some of the creepy details from the special.

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon‘s children have branched out from their family reality TV show. MTV’s The Osbournes introduced America to the rocker’s family. Considering they’re the kids of the Prince of Darkness, we’d say they fit the bill for ghost hunting hosts just fine.

Jack and Kelly spent a full night alone on the infamously haunted RMS Queen Mary cruise liner. The retired British ocean liner is now a tourist attraction off the coast of Long Beach, California. The massive ship is used as a hotel, for meetings, weddings, and other events. While speaking to TV Insider recently, Jack shared some of the mysterious things that happened during filming.

“We had crazy stuff happen,” Jack Osbourne told TV Insider. “From walking into a room where there’s no power on that side of the ship and the light will turn on. To walking down a hallway and getting this crazy smell of women’s perfume.”

“It was a lot of stuff,” Osbourne added. “And we uncover some pretty interesting new information about the ship. [The ship] went back and forth between Europe and America so many times during the second World War and they would bring back German POWs. They threw them into this hold at the bottom of the ship, right near the boilers and a bunch of them cooked to death.”

Yep, sounds haunted enough to where we’ll steer clear of that tourist destination. But make sure to stream Kelly and Jack Osbourne’s new Halloween special on Discovery+.

Last month, Discovery+ announced that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne‘s kids, Kelly and Jack Osbourne, would each be involved in the network’s 2021 Halloween programs. As the network revealed its Halloween schedule, they highlighted their first ever cross-brand, cross-platform programming. Additionally, Discovery+ is airing more than 50 hours of Halloween-related content across 14 TV series and specials.

Discovery+ is calling the special October event Ghostober. The network shared that numerous celebrities and supernatural experts will feature in the shows and specials. Like previously mentioned, this year’s festivities will include Kelly and Jack Osbourne as hosts of their own special. In September, Discovery, Inc. Chief Lifestyle Brands Officer Kathleen Finch shared her excitement for this year’s special Halloween programming.

“We’re starting the holiday season off with Halloween programming that brings the best of our brands together,” Finch told Deadline.

“One of the benefits of having so many great networks in the Discovery portfolio is that we can bring a ton of firepower to big special events— just as we’ve done with Shark Week and the Olympics,” she added. “Ghost Adventures and Halloween Wars both drive huge audience engagement, so we brought them together to create the ultimate seasonal tent pole event.  We have shows that are frightening, we have crazy food creations, we have jump scares while house hunting. And we’ve put it all together into more than 50 hours of Halloween content.”