‘Jack Ryan’ Bringing Back Major Star for Season 4 of Amazon Series

by John Jamison

Amazon Prime Video feels very good about the prospects for the upcoming third season of the John Krasinski-led “Jack Ryan.” So good, in fact, that the streaming platform has already announced the show’s renewal for a fourth season. But that’s not all. Returning for Season 4 will be a character fans have missed since she disappeared without a trace. Season 1’s Abbie Cornish, who played Jack Ryan’s (Krasinski) love interest Cathy Mueller, is set for Season 4.

“Without a trace” is almost an understatement. When Season 2 of “Jack Ryan” kicked off, there wasn’t so much as a mention of Ryan’s former fling. Abbie Cornish was nowhere to be found, and fans were understandably confused by the disappearance.

John Krasinski’s titular character carried on as a single man, mentioning it during the season. Now, according to Deadline, Abbie Cornish is set to return, and maybe her Cathy Mueller character will bring some sort of explanation back with her.

While we can’t claim to know exactly why Cornish left “Jack Ryan” in the first place, we do know she’s stayed busy over the past few years. Maybe one of the projects she’s done recently can explain the absence. Season 1 of “Jack Ryan” premiered in the summer of 2018. In 2019, Cornish appeared as Melanie Heyward in a mini-series titled “Secret Bridesmaids’ Business.” The role likely would have been filming around the same time as Season 2 of the Amazon original series.

This year, a movie titled “The Virtuoso” premiered. Cornish starred as The Waitress—an unassuming character by name, but the role was, in fact, one of the movie’s biggest. She worked alongside Anthony Hopkins, Anson Mount, and David Morse. You’re doing something right if you’re starring in movies with Anthony Hopkins.

‘Jack Ryan’ Star John Krasinski was Days Away from Quitting Acting Before Landing the Role of Jim on ‘The Office’

John Krasinski has to be feeling pretty good about what he’s accomplished in his career. He endeared himself to audiences as Jim Halpert, the adorable paper salesman in the American version of “The Office.” That role alone made Krasinski a household name.

In the years since, however, he has proven himself many times over. He directed and starred in the highly successful “A Quiet Place” with his wife, Emily Blunt. He played the lead in the Michael Bay-directed action flick “13 Hours.” Hard as it is to believe, almost none of that came to pass.

The “Jack Ryan” star told I News that he nearly quit acting before his big break on “The Office” came in 2004.

“I was days away from pulling out of the business altogether. I was waiting tables. It was right after college – three years of waiting tables in New York. In the grand scheme of things, people would say, ‘Suck it up – you haven’t even paid your dues,” said Krasinski.