‘Jackass Forever’ Releases Preview Showing New Cast Members Antics

by Madison Miller

Long live being a “Jackass.”

A new video showcases the brand new crew that is coming together for the 2022 movie “Jackass Forever.” The original movie came out back in October 2002 and showcased an iconic and hilarious group of stuntmen, skateboarders, and all-around pranksters.

Now, a new group is coming together for “Jackass Forever” on February 4, 2022. The new movie will feature some of the returning members of the family. It’s also going to include several newbies making their appearance in this fourth “Jackass” installment.

‘Jackass Forever’ Preview

Some new faces will include Zach “Zachass” Holmes, Sean “Poopies” McInerney, Jasper Dolphin, Eric Manaka, and Rachel Wolfson. All these new faces are sharing just how excited they get to work alongside Johnny Knoxville & Co.

Jeff Tremaine is the director and two of the writers include Eric Andre and Sarah Sherman. You may recognize their names from working on “Saturday Night Live.”

“They made me laugh so hard and I’m literally seeing childhood heroes of mine come to life,” Wolfson said during the new clip. She is the very first woman to join the “Jackass” world and we can’t wait to see what she does.

Meanwhile, some others are hoping they just make it out of this alive. “Hopefully, I don’t die,” stated Jasper Dolphin.

“The new people that we are working with are great. We’ve been destroying them throughout this film,” Ehren McGheney said, which means those new people certainly have reason to fear. Between getting bit by snakes, flying through ceilings, hilarious slides, painful-looking tackles while on a skateboard, there is no shortage of antics.

Although there are a lot of exciting returning faces, some made the decision not to return for “Jackass Forever.”

Both Ryan Dunn and Bam Margera got the boot earlier this year. In fact, according to Deadline, these two filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures over “inhumane treatment” on the set of “Jackass Forever.” Knoxville, Tremaine, and Spike Jonze were all accused of forcing them to sign what was referred to as a “draconian sobriety contract.”

More on Bam Margera’s Lawsuit

It seems like Bam Margera’s lawsuit is very much getting serious attention so far.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, his claims will proceed to discovery regarding being unjustly taken out of “Jackass Forever.” That sobriety contract earlier mentioned included regular drug tests, a breathalyzer test three times a day, and taking medications with someone watching on FaceTime.

Adderall was detected from one test, which is what led to his firing. Margera uses this drug for his attention deficit disorder. When he was approached about the contract, the “Jackass Forever” team did so when he was actively in rehab.

More will come of this as the case develops, if it develops, in the courtroom.