‘Jackass Forever’ Star Johnny Knoxville Has Hilarious Explanation for Why His Stunts Are So Wild

by Jonathan Howard

We are just days away from the wide release of Jackass Forever. The cast, including Johnny Knoxville, has been doing the media rounds.

When you think about all of the stunts and pranks and tricks that they have done it is remarkable another movie is coming out. Knoxville and company have been through some tough injuries. Despite all of the broken bones and ruptured this and that, Knoxville keeps coming back.

So, what makes a man continually put himself through all of that? Well, a few things. However, it comes down to a willingness to do anything. Knoxville himself has done some of the most dangerous and wild stunts in Jackass history.

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Knoxville talked about why he is always coming up with the wildest stunts on the shows and the movies. In his usual humor, the actor and self-taught stuntman answered the question in a way only he can.

“Well, I just like cartoons and I think life should operate like a cartoon, and it’s cost me a couple of times,” Knoxville said smiling and laughing.

Over the years, Knoxville has been the frontman for Jackass. Along with Steve-O, the two are probably the most recognizable from the franchise. Neither one of them has been able to give up the ghost. That’s why we are sitting 20 years later and another movie is coming out. Their dedication is something to behold.

Jackass started out as a dumb show on MTV that was basically recorded with a handheld camcorder. Since then, the production has gone up and the stunts have gotten more insane. Despite having so much footage over the years, one film sticks out for one of the stars of the cast.

Steve-O Reveals Favorite Film from ‘Jackass’ Franchise

The early 2000s was the heyday for Jackass. They had established the show on TV, cranked out the first full-length movie, and even earned a spin-off or two from the franchise. Of course, along the way, Steve-O has been an integral part of the franchise. He’s one of the biggest stars of the whole thing.

For him, Jackass Number Two was a “masterpiece.”

Number Two was the masterpiece in my view. In between one and two, we were doing Wildboyz... After Number Two, Knoxville once again declared that the franchise was over. I had my downward spiral and subsequent time in rehab,” Steve-O revealed to THR.

With Jackass Forever right around the corner, are fans in for another masterpiece? This could be the swan song for the franchise. These guys aren’t getting any younger. Fans are going to want something extra special for this film. There is going to be injuries, laughs, and a whole lot of bad hits, falls, and crashes.