James Caan Shares Throwback from ‘The Godfather’ Set as a Bloody Sonny Corleone

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to big movie deaths, James Caan’s as Sonny Corleone in The Godfather is one of the best and most memorable.

James Caan as Sonny is iconic. So, whenever a behind-the-scenes photo or something similar comes out relating to The Godfather, we love to see it. This time, it was Caan himself that decided to post the throwback. In a black and white photo, he smokes a cigarette off camera. Covered in blood and with two young faces watching him from the toll booth, Caan drags off that smoke in one of the coolest damn photos I’ve ever seen.

For his role as Sonny, James Caan would go on to be nominated for the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. As I mentioned before, the scene was epic and so is this photo and post. His caption for it is just perfect. “‘Jimmy, that’s a wrap.’ Yeah, yeah I know. End of tweet.”

Almost everyone knows the scene. Driving up to the toll booth. And then, machine gunfire. Sonny goes down in a bullet-riddled heap and the rest is history. The don goes to see his son at the morgue and identifies the body. It’s indeed Sonny and that’s where we get the great line, “Look how they’ve massacred my boy.”

No doubt, Sonny was shot up, riddled with bullets, and left for dead. But, if it didn’t happen that way, we wouldn’t have one of the most impactful scenes of one of the best films ever made… and we wouldn’t have had this sweet photo to look back at and celebrate. I seriously can’t imagine being as cool as James Caan is in this singular moment. Before the awards and accolades would come in for the performance. It seems like he knew.

James Caan Motorcycle Comes to ‘Pawn Stars’

Alright, Outsiders. This is a bit of a wild collision of pop culture. Now, the guys over at Pawn Stars get a lot of wild and crazy items in their store. However, this one was completely out of left field. Corey was behind the counter when a customer came by with a custom motorcycle.

Designed by Eddie Trotta and made for James Caan, the bike was very interesting. It came with that Trotta signature rear tire. As wide as can be. Had a sick blue paint job and was a great-looking bike. The only problem is, those designs are out of style. No one really wants the fat tire anymore. It could come back in style, but it seems, for now, it isn’t meant to be.

While the Pawn Stars didn’t buy the James Caan motorcycle, the owner will hold onto it and hope the value goes up. Caan is a star. You could picture him on a nice bike like this Trotta design, smoking a cigarette, and cruising down the road.