James Garner’s Costume and Other Memorabilia Going Up for Auction: How You Can Buy

by Suzanne Halliburton

Do you fancy a James Garner hat from back in his Maverick days? How about some behind-the-scene photos of the actor’s when he was making The Great Escape six decades ago.

Garner’s memorabilia is going up for auction later this year. Julien’s auction company lists it as “Property from the Estate of James Garner.” The beloved actor and commercial pitchman died in 2014. Lois, James’ wife of 58 years, passed away in October. The couple had one child together, daughter Gigi.

The James Garner auction will take place online and live in Beverly Hills. It’s scheduled for June.

And if you love the western vibe, you should check out some of the stuff that will be sold. We should add, you probably should have some cash in your bank account or a cushion on your credit card so you can afford some James Garner memorabilia.

According to the auction house, here are some of the items:

  • James Garner’s costume worn in his role as Bret Maverick, on his TV series, Maverick. Garner played Bret for three seasons, then reengaged with the series in the late 1970s and early 80s.
  • Plus, the auction items include two of his black felt wool cowboy hats from Maverick. If you can pull off that jaunty tilt of the hat, then buy it.
Jon Brenneis/Getty Images

The James Garner Auction Isn’t Only About Maverick. Check Out the Cool Items from Rockford Files

There’s also a nod to Garner’s time on the Rockford Files, his 1970s-era drama. He played Jim Rockford, a private detective. It was during this decade that he helped mentor some of TV’s future greats, including Tom Selleck (Magnum PI, Blue Bloods) and Mark Harmon (NCIS).

The James Garner items from this era include custom made hunting knife. It’s inscribed with “Maverick” on one side and “Rockfish” on the other. That was his character’s nickname when he was playing Jim Rockford. Plus, there’s a Rockford Files wooden sculpture that a fan gave him. According to the auction house, James Garner kept the sculpture on his desk for many years. And, the auction is selling the actor’s nomination certificate for his Rockford Files role. The nomination was from the 1977-1978 Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awards.

There is other awards show memorabilia available. You can buy his Golden Globe Award that he won in 1993 for HBO’s Barbarians at the Gate. He won for best actor in a mini series or made-for-TV movie.

Garner also presented an Academy Award in 1988. Faye Dunaway was his co-presenter for best foreign language film. Producer Samuel Goldwyn Jr gave Garner a silver-plated box engraved with an image of an Oscar. Plus, there’s a certificate for his 2004 Screen Actors Guild nomination certificate. However, other awards memorabilia isn’t available. Garner received an Oscar nomination for his role in Murphy’s Romance and won a Golden Globe for the 1990 TV movie Decoration Day.

The auction is hoping to generate about $500,000. If you’d like to check out the rest of the James Garner items, click it here.