Jana Duggar’s Family Breaks Silence After Child Endangerment Charge

by Jacklyn Krol

Jana Duggar‘s family is speaking out about her child endangerment charge.

Back in September, Jana was charged with endangering a minor. The citation was made public just a day after her brother Josh Dugar was found guilty of downloading and possessing child pornography. He has not been sentenced yet.

Sources told the gossip social media account Without a Crystal Ball that it was actually Josh and Anna’s child, 22-month-old Maryella Duggar that was involved. It has been reported that Jana has been helping the couple take care of their seven children while the court battle took place.

It was alleged that she was discovered on the street near their home while Jana apparently fell asleep. A neighbor found her and called the police who arrived to help.

James Duggar shared his support of his sister through a photo of Jana Duggar that he photoshopped to read, “I support Jana Duggar”. Jason reposted the photo and added, “Bro, same.”

Amy’s Response to Jana Duggar

Jana Duggar’s cousin Amy King weighed in on the situation. She first shared a photo of her and her son Daxton. The mother and son had quite the adventurous day with time on the trampoline, building towers, and reading books. The pair decided to watch some television to unwind.

It wasn’t until the end of the caption that she subtly shaded Jana. She said that the one thing that she wouldn’t be doing is falling asleep while watching the kids. She later took the post down and retracted her statement.

Just a few hours later, she made another Instagram Story. This time, she was kind to her cousin and completely changed her perspective.

“I will call out what is right and I will call out what is wrong. This couldn’t have been intentional. Thank God the child was ok and found,” she wrote. “I bet you were exhausted, stressed, and just emotionally worn out. Watching multiple kids is hard! Bc there are so many of them and you only have two eyes!! It’s a very sad situation going on and my heart goes out to @JanaMDuggar love you.”

Amy’s Josh Duggar Reaction

Amy King also responded to Josh Duggar’s convictions. Prior to the jury’s decision, she wrote several Instagram Stories that seemingly referenced the trial.

“Hmm think about it we put dogs asleep for good if they just bite a child…” she first wrote. “If only closed minds came with closed mouths,” she later added.

In a series of tweets, she wrote that “justice had been served.” Amy wanted to make sure that the victims also got the prayers that they deserve.

“May the daughters who were abused feel validated. You are truly beautiful and worthy of love. May there be intense counseling/healing. May there be wisdom for all those involved on how to move forward,” she wrote.