Jason Aldean Celebrates Winter’s Arrival at His Ranch With Adorable Snow Day Photos

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to snowy days with the family, Jason Aldean doesn’t take anything for granted. The country singer got out with his kids to celebrate the snow.

Down in Columbia, Tennessee at the Night Train Ranch, there was a blanket of snow. That same winter storm brought winter weather and traffic issues to states across the southeast including North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky. Things seemed a little more relaxed out on Aldean’s ranch, though.

In an Instagram post, Jason Aldean showed off the white landscape that is his ranch. His two young children, Memphis and Navy were out with him throwing snowballs and having a good time. Check out that post below and see that “Winter has officially hit Night Train Ranch!”

Now, for those big Aldean fans, one thing was clear from the get-go. The John Deere Aldean is leaned up against in the first photo of the series. Michael Tyler, a singer-songwriter that has worked with Aldean in the past was quick to comment what was on everyone’s mind. “Is that thee big green tractor?”

It looks like a fun day in a winter wonderland for Aldean and his family. I know that the big green tractor question was necessary… but I have one more. Why is that big ole building sitting empty while the tractor gets left out in the weather?

My Papaw would be rolling in his grave. Then again, Papaw didn’t have She’s Country money.

As far as snowball throwing goes, Memphis and Navy should have a good teacher. Jason Aldean was an avid and passionate baseball player growing up.

Jason Aldean Explains Life Lessons Baseball Taught Him

The country music singer has a lot of experience in the industry. However, before he got into music, he had another passion in life. Jason Aldean grew up playing baseball. A lot of folks did, but Aldean was very passionate about the sport.

While he didn’t go beyond playing in high school, there are all kinds of life lessons that the sport taught him. Of course, anyone that has played organized sports knows the lessons go far beyond athletic competitions and games. When he was swinging bats and popping gloves, there was a lot more to it than learning how to play the game.

From learning how to work on a team to how to deal with disappointment. There’s a lot that can be learned from playing sports. When it comes to being a famous country singer, it kinda is like being a professional ballplayer. Jason Aldean makes sure to carry those lessons with him in his career and in his life in general.