Jason Momoa Involved in Crash With Motorcyclist: Report on His Physical Condition

by Shelby Scott

On Sunday, news broke that Fast X star Jason Momoa was involved in a head-on collision with a motorcycle. Thankfully though, no one sustained any serious injuries. Now, a day following the incident, multiple outlets have revealed that not only did the 42-year-old actor avoid injury entirely, but he also remained on the scene to help.

According to Us Weekly, Momoa had been driving his 1970 Oldsmobile on Old Topanga Road in Los Angeles when a motorcyclist rounded the corner at the same time the famous actor did. Reports state that the biker, in rounding the corner, crossed over the double yellow lines. In doing so, he made contact with Momoa’s car. As the two motorists crashed, with the biker slamming into the Oldsmobile’s front end, Jason Momoa ejected the driver from the bike. First responders then brought the unnamed individual to nearby Northridge Hospital with minor injuries.

Amazingly, the biker, after colliding with Momoa’s vehicle, landed on his feet. TMZ states that he rolled off the windshield, cleared its hood, and miraculously landed on the car’s opposite side. Injuries aside, it’s a shame no one filmed the actual collision. Per descriptions, the driver’s bout with Jason Momoa’s car certainly has a kind of cinematic appeal.

As to Jason Momoa’s condition post-crash, the outlet states he was seen walking away from several emergency vehicles. Footage shows him returning to his car while paramedics took a look at the motorcyclist.

Jason Momoa’s 1970 Oldsmobile is likely just one of several classic cars the actor owns. As per Us Weekly, the Aquaman star previously worked to restore a vintage 1965 Ford Mustang. He completed the restoration for his former partner, Lisa Bonet. After completing work on the car, Momoa took to YouTube where he showed off what he deemed Bonet’s “first love.” Bonet purchased the Mustang at just 17 years old.

Footage Post-Crash Shows Jason Momoa Walking Away From Emergency Vehicles

If you were still concerned about Jason Momoa’s physical condition following the Sunday crash, take solace in that footage shows the veteran actor walking, unharmed, back to his vehicle. You can check out the clip here.

In viewing the clip, Momoa’s gait suggests he might be a little sore from the crash. However, some achy joints and minor bruises beat the alternative.

As we see in the video, the scene following Momoa’s crash with the motorcyclist quickly filled up with firetrucks and first responders. A second video, taken in passing the scene of the wreck, reveals multiple motorcyclists stopped in addition to responding emergency personnel. Based on the pair of videos, it’s unclear whether the injured biker had been traveling with others motorcyclists.

As of now, no arrests have been made and neither of the involved parties has assigned blame.