Jay Leno’s Fox Show ‘You Bet Your Life’ Renewed Through 2022

by Megan Molseed

Fox has announced that Jay Leno’s latest venture will be continuing into 2022. This fall, Leno’s version of You Bet Your Life premiered, with Jay Leno taking on the hosting duties. Now, Fox announces that fans will continue to join in on the You Bet Your Life antics as new episodes are slated to continue into next year.

Originally a hosting gig held by the iconic comedian Groucho Marx decades ago, Jay Leno stepped right into the role as You Bet Your Life returned to airwaves last September.

The fact that Jay Leno was stepping up as host of this new game-show reboot was an exciting development as this was the first daily television hosting gig Leno has taken on since his run as the Tonight Show host ended in 2009.

As per Fox, You Bet Your Life is the youngest syndicated game show on television right now. You Bet Your Life also has the highest concentration of key demographics in this category.

Joining Jay Leno on this game show reboot is former Tonight Show bandleader Kevin Eubanks.

The popular Fox Television game show has found some prime timeslots in multiple markets since its premiere. In most markets, the hit game airs between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. These are core timeslots as the show’s audiences are most likely to tune in during these hours.

Producing You Bet Your Life is Tom Werner, one of the show’s executive producers, along with David Hurwitz. Hurwitz also serves as You Bet Your Life’s showrunner.

Jay Leno may be enjoying his new role as a game show host, however, the longtime Tonight Show host still finds time for his #1 passion, luxury vehicles.

Can You Even Put A Number On Jay Leno’s Impressive Collection?

Jay Leno’s impressive collection features over 180 cars and 160 motorbikes. From vintage bikes to pre-war vehicles to modern vehicle marvels or even cars powered by steam and turbine, Leno’s vehicle collection is certainly one of the most impressive to date.

Sure, many of the vehicles in Jay Leno’s collection are priceless in the sense that they each tell a story that goes beyond the bodies of each piece of machinery. But, how much, exactly, is a collection such as this worth, overall?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jay Leno’s massive collection is worth more than $100 million. This estimate, of course, takes into account the number of “one-of-a-kind” vehicles the television host has in his possession.

“It should be of technical and historical significance,” Jay Leno says of what he looks for when considering a vehicle to add to his collection.

“It should be fun to drive,” the host continues. “And it should be attractive to look at.”

And, Leno says, if a vehicle matches with these three aspects, “it’s probably something that would be considered collectible.”

While Leno’s collection would bring in an incredibly impressive sum, the estimation means little to Leno. The popular television host rarely ever sells his vehicles for profit. In fact, Leno is known for donating pieces of his collection to charity.