Jay Leno Tells Mike Rowe Hilarious Story About Trying To Make An Ex-Girlfriend’s Dad Laugh

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

When Mike Rowe isn’t highlighting the hard-working Americans, he hangs out and talks to folks like Jay Leno on his podcast.

On that podcast, he hosts all sorts of great guests. One of his recent guests was none other than the late-night legend, Jay Leno. The two connected over a video call and talked about different topics. Of course, Mike Rowe has listeners to get so he teased the conversation a bit on Instagram.

Apparently during the conversation, the story of an old relationship came up. Leno had been dating someone who brought her parents to his show. Of course, he tried his best to get them to laugh and have a good time. He just had a hard time with the girlfriend’s dad.

“I was dating a girl once,” Jay Leno started. “And like the third or fourth date, she brought her parents to the show. So I’m on stage and I see her sitting in the front row with her mother and father and her dad’s like this,” Leno says as he deadpans to the camera. “So I’m just dadada dada dadada,” the comedian said mimicking one of his famous monologues. “Throwing the joke his way… nothing. Now I’m like sweating bullets. Now I’m kinda ignoring him playing the other side of the room.”

As the show went on, things didn’t improve. Then, he saw the family backstage after the show. Everything was explained to him at that point.

“So I think’ okay the guy doesn’t like me, I’m dating his daughter,'” Jay Leno continued. “They come back [stage] and she’s like ‘this is my father, I just wanted to tell you he has Bell’s Palsey so he can’t move his face.” Now, that is quite a lesson to learn after the fact.

Jay Leno Show Extended Through 2022

Jay Leno and his You Bet Your Life show are returning to Fox this year. The network renewed the show meaning Leno is going to have some more money to spend on more cars. The show is actually a reboot of an old show that Groucho Marx hosted at one time.

The game show has brought Leno back to the small screen. He stopped hosting the Tonight Show in 2009. So, if you are a big Leno fan, this is great news. There is no doubt that he knows how to host a show and that has led to the renewal for the season. He is an American icon and one of the most recognizable figures on live television.

Jay Leno, catch him on Mike Rowe’s podcast, see him on television, or check out his social media pages. The comedian is always doing something it seems. Whether that means hosting a game show or polishing his luxury car collection.