Jeff Garlin Reportedly Slammed ‘The Goldbergs’ During Standup Set Just Before Departure

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Michael Bezjian/Getty Images)

Recently, The Goldbergs star Jeff Garlin has been in some hot water following some comments he made on the set of the top-rated ABC sitcom and even a few standup acts. Since 2013, Garlin has played the role of recliner dad, Murray Goldberg, who often has a quip waiting for his kids and wife. Now, because of the recent HR debacle, the actor has decided to step away from the series and perhaps even family sitcoms for good.

But from the reports of his latest standup acts, it seems Garlin isn’t too upset about his departure. In fact, there were some points in which the star expressed just how much he hated the show.

Just last month, Jeff Garlin headed to Hollywood Improv and performed in front of a full house. As for many comedy acts, attendants had to leave behind cameras, phones and recorders. However, according to a Variety reporter in the audience, The Goldbergs star repeatedly told the crowd how much he detested the show and that the only reason he stuck around was for the money. Meanwhile, he referenced his ongoing HR issue, claiming that TV has become “too politically correct.

Jeff Garlin Also Spoke About the Issue in a 2020 Performance

As we’ve come to find out, Jeff Garlin’s battles with ABC representatives is not a new development. In fact, HR has had to speak with him about his behavior several times over the years. In a 2019 Netflix special, The Goldbergs star admitted that the show almost fired him for his conduct the year before.

He further addressed his behavior on set by recanting the origin of the joke that started the trouble.

“A lot of days on ‘The Goldbergs,’ I sit in a Barcalounger in tighty whities for the whole day, and I think to myself, ‘Who did I blow to get this job?’” Jeff Garlin said.

He then stated with a laugh that every time he has to stand up from the chair, his line goes something like, “‘Ah, my vagina. Ah, achy vagina. Ah, my vagina’s killing me.’”

Garlin also described how the initial conversation with the HR department played out.

“I get called in, and they go, ‘Look, you can’t do this.’ And I go, ‘Oh yes, I can.’ They go, ‘You might get fired.’ I go, ‘I’d love to be fired and have it hit the papers: Cover of TMZ: ‘Jeff Garlin Fired Because His Vagina Hurts,’” The Goldbergs star said during his performance to a supportive audience.

Even now, Jeff Garlin seems to have the same perspective on the issue as he did during the 2019 standup act.

“I’m on a comedy. I’m a comedian,” he concluded. “Let’s get over.”