Jeff Garlin Will Still Appear in ‘The Goldbergs’ Through Previously Shot Footage

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Following The Goldbergs actor Jeff Garlin’s recent exit from the ABC sitcom, the show is now having to get creative to finish the season without him. With the series still needing to film at least six episodes without Garlin, production will utilize previously shot footage in place of the Murray Goldberg actor.

Last week, Garlin departed the show after several misconduct allegations about the actor were brought to light. It’s put ABC in a bind as the network continues to film Season 9 and complete all 22 planned episodes.

There were various options as to how to deal with Jeff Garlin’s absence in the show. However, Variety reported that the actor will continue to appear in the series even though he won’t film new episodes. Production will use off-camera dialogue from previous episodes, and will edit together unused footage and previously filmed images of the actor. Since they’ll still be using his image and voice, Garlin will continue to be paid for his work even without making new appearances.

In addition, Jeff Garlin’s stand-in on The Goldbergs has already been used. ABC has utilized his stand-in for shots from behind the actor for group scenes. Promotional clips for the series featured the stand-in in the past as well. In those cases, production superimposed Garlin’s head on the man’s body. But ABC will not use that technique on the show now that Garlin has exited The Goldbergs.

Jeff Garlin Calls HR Investigations a Misunderstanding

Variety also reported that Garlin took on a reduced role in recent seasons. In fact, the actor only worked one day per week this season. Production was filming Episode 15 and 16 as Garlin left the show for good last week. Garlin had previously hinted at Season 9 likely being The Goldbergs last. Yet the network allegedly hoped it would come back for a 10th season. There has been no indication so far whether or not the show will press on past this season since Garlin and ABC’s mutually agreed for him to leave the series.

Earlier this month, the actor spoke with Vanity Fair reporter Maureen Ryan and addressed the misconduct allegations. He answered questions about rumors of his firing and denied reports of inappropriate on-set behavior. In contrast, he did admit that ABC conducted multiple human resources investigations pertaining to his actions. Yet Garlin says the HR investigations simply stemmed from misunderstandings.

“We have a difference of opinion, [ABC] and myself. My opinion is, I have my process about how I’m funny, in terms of the scene and what I have to do. They feel that it makes for a quote ‘unsafe’ workspace,” Jeff Garlin said in the Vanity Fair interview.

Supposedly, multiple sources shared that Garlin used inappropriate language. He also allegedly made jokes on-set that made others uncomfortable. The actor said he didn’t understand how his “silliness” could lead to an unsafe workplace and shared that HR had investigated various incidents for the last three years.

“I am sorry to tell you that there really is no big story. Unless you want to do a story about political correctness,” Jeff Garlin concluded.