‘Jeopardy!’: After Dethroning Matt Amodio, Jonathan Fisher Qualifies for Tournament of Champions with 5th Win

by Leanne Stahulak

Jonathan Fisher just won his first full week of “Jeopardy!” games, including against the legendary 38-day champion Matt Amodio.

This means that he now qualifies for the game show’s Tournament of Champions, which takes the best of the best players from each year and puts them in a competition to see who the greatest “Jeopardy!” player is for that year.

To qualify, you have to win at least five games, so Fisher just earned himself a potential spot in the tournament. He’ll face off against the likes of 7-day winners Brian Chang and Courtney Shah, 6-day winner Zach Newkirk, and possibly 4-day winner John Focht. And of course, we can’t forget the record-breaking, history-making Matt Amodio.

When asked how he felt about facing the “Jeopardy!” legend once again, Fisher said it’s less about competing with Amodio and more about playing the game with him.

“I wouldn’t think about it as trying to beat him again,” Fisher said in an exclusive “Jeopardy!” interview. “It was so cool just to play with him the first time. So getting to do that again would be really, really cool. And to kind of meet him again at his level and get to be with him there, that would be great.”

Fisher wasn’t even thinking about the Tournament of Champions when he stepped onto the Alex Trebek Stage. He was just focused on making it through his first game.

“I expected to be a one-day ‘Jeopardy!’ player, and five days later it’s very cool,” Fisher said in the interview. “I didn’t even know that there was a specific qualification [to compete in the Tournament of Champions]. It was kind of a surprise to hear, so that’s very exciting.”

Current ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Jonathan Fisher Talks ‘Best Part’ About Being on Show

For the 5-day winner, the best part of his success hasn’t been the $117,700 in winnings or beating the second-best player of all time.

“Honestly, [it’s] playing ‘Jeopardy!’. It’s something that I do every weeknight at home by myself because my partner won’t watch the show with me,” Fisher admitted. “So it’s been great to just kind of play the game how I wanna play and have fun doing it.”

And Fisher really does look like he’s having a blast every time he steps out there. Even if he didn’t plan on making it this far, he’s well earned it by this point. Although he did say his friends might give him a little grief for doing so well on a quiz show.

“I think they’ll probably razz me a lot because I don’t know if I have a reputation for being overtly smart,” Fisher said. “But you know, I think they’ll be happy, and they’ll kind of give me some guff, but I think it will be well received.”