‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek’s Daughter Shares Pic of Stunning Pumpkin Carving of the Late Host

by Shelby Scott

It’s been nearly a year since “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek‘s death. As the latest season of the hit American game show has seen multiple instances of drama and controversy, fans of the show have slowly moved past the iconic host’s demise. However, obviously, grief strikes at different times and now, the “Jeopardy!” show host‘s daughter shared an image of an insanely stunning pumpkin carving featuring none other than Alex Trebek himself. Check it out.

Outsider has seen some pretty talented pumpkin carvings the last few Halloweens, however, this has, by far, got to be the most in-depth and complicated. From carving out the late “Jeopardy!” host’s face to the numbered categories behind his head, nothing is amiss.

The star’s daughter captured her late father as Americans knew him, starring in the midst of the beloved “Jeopardy!” game show. In tribute to her father, Nicky Trebek wrote, “so loved by so many #wemissyou.” Further, she details in her post the pumpkin serves as a spooky tribute to her famous “Jeopardy!” host father, capturing the spooky essence of this Halloween night.

Nicky’s friends and “Jeopardy!” fans alike complimented the incredibly detailed pumpkin in the comments. “That is amazingly cool,” wrote one follower. Another lamented, “A true gentleman and scholar – missed❤️.”

That he is, as fans continue to wonder who the “Jeopardy!” hosting duties will go to following this latest season. While “Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik holds the most permanent position as “Jeopardy!” host, with fans easily gravitating toward her bright air and personality, we can’t be sure whether she will remain on into the next season.

‘Jeopardy!’ Crew Pulls for Mayim Bialik’s Permanence

Despite the earlier season uproar regarding “Jeopardy’s” Mike Richards ordeal, the hit game show remained steadfast in viewership, with “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik pulling viewers back to the true essence of the show.

Now, follow Matt Amodio’s historic winning streak, followed by Jonathan Fisher‘s shorter yet still significant winning streak, crew members behind the scenes are pulling for the new host’s permanent place within “Jeopardy!”

Of the actress and current game show host herself, a “Jeopardy!” source told the Daily Mail, “Mayim is gracious, warm, and smart.” She also reportedly brought special treats in for her colleagues recently.

However, Bialik has also demonstrated her warmhearted personality and her dedication to “Jeopardy!” through earlier remarks surrounding her place on the show. In regards to the Mike Richards fiasco, she said, “Of course I was in touch with Mike as he was my boss at the time, and I don’t wish ill on him, or anyone.”

But when it came to the course of the “Jeopardy!” game show, the actress responded with, “How can I help? Because I am part of this family.”