‘Jeopardy!’: Amy Schneider Answers Question She’s Gotten Her Whole Life

by Jonathan Howard

Current Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider has been on a huge run, and that is set to continue as the Professors Tournament has come to an end.

Schneider has already become a bit of a celebrity and that is no surprise. If you win 10 games in Jeopardy! people will know who you are. Much like many other contestants that have been on the show, she gets asked a question all the time. “How are you so smart?”

Well, the champ took time to write about it over at Defector and the answer is insightful, humble, and impressive. She says that she has multiple approaches when confronted with that questions or related questions.

“One [approach] is to attribute my intelligence to factors outside of my control. With this approach, I’ll generally observe that I was born with a brain that, for whatever reason, retains knowledge well. I don’t have a photographic memory or anything like that; God knows I’ve spent enough time hunting my apartment for my phone to disprove that idea,” Schneider wrote.

She continued in more detail, “Another factor, of course, is my privilege. Unlike most people in history, I wasn’t born into grinding poverty, and my parents believed in the value of knowledge as its own reward. Moreover, I am white, and until well into adulthood, was perceived as male. Had that not been the case, my intelligence would have been seen as surprising at best, and threatening at worst.”

Amy Schneider Questions How Smart She Really Is

While her first approach when asked how she got so smart is to credit her random lot in the lottery that is life, the Jeopardy! champ has another way to dismiss the question. She questions whether she actually is smart or just full of information. She says she “disputes” the premise that she is smart.

“After all, being able to do things like name all the monarchs from the House of Stuart is a pretty narrow definition of ‘smart,’ don’t you think? There are many types of intelligence, and the one I have is far from the most useful,” Schneider says.

Schneider continues to show why fans love her on the show so much. Her personality, humility, and the way she plays the game are all exciting and relatable.

Ken Jennings and Amy Schneider Coming Back to ‘Jeopardy!’

With the first-ever Professors Tournament coming to a close, Schneider is set to return to the regular show. Ken Jennings is going to resume his hosting duties and the fans are going to love it. When Jennings is a part of Jeopardy! that is when the best things happen.

It is going to be a fun rest of the season. If Schneider is able to continue her winning streak then the sky is the limit. This season there have been multiple long-term champs. Will she be the next Matt Amodio or just the first Amy Schneider?