‘Jeopardy!’: Amy Schneider Gives Mom Major Credit in 30th Win

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

We’ve had 30 different chances to learn more about Amy Schneider at the beginning of each “Jeopardy!” episode.

The trivia show always starts out by introducing the three contestants. That includes sharing their name, where they’re from, what they do for a living, and some kind of fun and engaging fact about themself.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Thanks Her Mom

During her 30th episode, Amy Schneider asked Ken Jennings and the show if she could use that time to thank somebody instead of just talking about herself.

“I would like to thank my mom. You know, I was thinking about what it is that contributed to me being here and my success here. I was thinking about when she was helping me study for the spelling bee and we wouldn’t just go over the words, but we talked about like the etymology … that’s how I know so much stuff that is always wanna associate it with something and find interest in the fact and not just the fact itself,” Schneider said at the beginning of the episode.

For Amy Schneider, a lot about her “Jeopardy!” run seems connected to her family. Back in the very, very beginning of her streak, she shared a fun fact about another family member who had appeared on the show. This was back when she had only four wins, which honestly feels like forever ago at this point.

She shared with Ken Jennings that “Jeopardy!” is a bit of a family affair in her household.

“A few years ago, my brother-in-law at the time was here and won three games. I said at the time, ‘Well, I’m going to make sure I win four,’” she told Jennings. She certainly has gotten bragging rights far beyond what she was expecting.

Amy Schneider Certainly Has Bragging Rights

One of her most recent bragging rights is she’s now one of only a few contestants that have been able to earn over a million on the show. After winning 30 games, her total is at $1,057,800. She only has to win two more games to beat James Holzhauer’s record of 32. Holzhauer had quite the run financially.

Schneider has done almost the same amount of games as him, but he had collected $2,462,216 by the end of his run. If she gets to 33 games, she will be in third place for the longest consecutive run on the show. She will be behind Ken Jennings and recent champion Matt Amodio.

This season has truly been the season of the champions over on “Jeopardy!” Matt Amodio won a total of 38 games. He was eventually defeated by Jonathan Fisher who then went on to win 11 games right after this. Tyler Rhode won four games and Andrew He won five. Eventually, Schneider would show up to absolutely dominate the competition in a way we’ve only seen a few times in the past.

Eventually, these contestants will get together for the Tournament of Champions. It’s going to be the most exciting one yet.