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‘Jeopardy!’: Amy Schneider Had a Feeling She Was Going To Lose To Rhone Talsma

by Anna Dunn

Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider just lost her 40th game after a record-shattering winning streak. The ratings-boosting and thrilling run on the show have come to an end. And she had a feeling that she’d lose to Rhone Talsma, who ultimately took the win over her during her final game.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she describes that going into the final game, she had an odd feeling that it could be her last day there. Her scores from her previous days were solid, but she felt like she was “losing a certain edge,” in her competitiveness.

On top of that, she also felt like Rhon Talsma was going to be really tough to beat. And it wasn’t just necessarily because of his good performance during rehearsals.

“Really, what it was was a story that Ken Jennings had been telling before the games as he talked to the contestants, which was, by late in his run, the other contestants would seem to be intimidated by him, but the person who wound up beating him was the one who was just friendly and relaxed and having fun. And Rhone was exactly that way. Right before the game we’d had lunch, and I remember having a really nice conversation with him over lunch,” she explained.

Schneider Realized She Was in Danger of Losing ‘Jeopardy!’ When Rhone Talsma Got the Last Daily Double

And as the game went on, she started to realize she was in real danger of losing once Rhone once he got that final daily double. And when she realized that it was going to go into final Jeopardy! she was nervous. Schneider knew that the final Jeopardy! rounds weren’t really her strength.

For most of the game before that double Jeopardy, Schneider felt fine. It felt like a lot of her other games.

“Full credit to Rhone, he got his opportunity finding that last Daily Double, and went for it, and bet it all to try and win the game,” she said. “I knew at that point that there was no way I could keep it from going to Final Jeopardy. And I’d been struggling a bit in Final Jeopardy, and kind of getting in my head about it. So that’s when I started to really be aware of the possibility [that I could lose].”

And while Schneider lost and fans are sad to see her go, she’s incredibly happy to have been a part of the show. She only thought she would win three or four games, so this was a huge shock for her. She’s now back home with her girlfriend and a big check from Jeopardy! with her name on it.