‘Jeopardy!’: Amy Schneider Sets New Personal Record as She Continues Winning Run

by Suzanne Halliburton

Let’s have a nice round of applause for Amy Schneider, the Jeopardy! super champion who enjoyed another amazing high-dollar win in the quiz game.

The official Jeopardy! social media account touted Schneider’s new achievement, Thursday night.

“Amy Schneider finished today’s game with $61,800 — her new personal best for single-day earnings! And she’s now 5th in highest winnings (regular-season play)!”

What an incredible run, which still isn’t over.

Wow: Schneider’s Jeopardy! Total Approaching Half Million

Thanks to her victory in Thursday’s telecast of Jeopardy! Schneider’s winnings are approaching $500,000. It was her 12th straight victory. And her streak has lots of people talking about her.

One fan posted: “We are in the golden age of Jeopardy! champions!”

So how does Schneider stack up? As Jeopardy! announced, her regular season winnings now rank fifth. She recently qualified for the lucrative Tournament of Champions, so she has a chance for some mega money. And she’s also charming folks with her live tweeting as the matches play out on television.

In an interview with the Washington Post after her 10th straight victory, Schneider said she never anticipated stringing together so many wins.

“I believed that I was pretty good,” Schneider said. “And I thought I could win three or four games if things went well. I was like, ‘I could win a few, or run into bad luck on the first game and not win and it would be what it is.’ To win 10 and counting — that’s definitely higher than the high end of my internal expectations.”

Schneider said she’s watched Jeopardy! for decades. Back home in Ohio, she used to take it in with her parents, when the late host Alex Trebek was beginning his historic run as host. She even has a family connection to the show. Her ex-wife’s brother won three games on Jeopardy! They’ve been texting since she started her own winning streak.

“He has been very gracious about being surpassed,” Schneider told the Post.

Schneider also happens to be the first trans contestant on Jeopardy! to qualify for the Tournament of Champions. She didn’t make a big deal out of it. But she did put it out there with a post on Twitter.

She wrote (Oh, and for those who didn’t know: yes, I am trans!)

Champion Concedes Her Worst Topics Involve Pop Culture

Schneider majored in civil engineering and computer science in college. She now works as a software engineer in Oakland, Calif. Schneider said she feels most comfortable providing the questions in the geography and history categories. Her weakest topics involve pop music. She said her girlfriend is younger and cooler, so she’s helping out with pop culture prep.

“I get the impression that people are feeling that this has been good for Jeopardy!” Schneider told the Post. “I hope that’s the case, and it’s extremely gratifying. The show has meant a lot to me … and if my run is good for the show, that’s all the better.”