‘Jeopardy!’: Amy Schneider Shares Heartwarming Reaction After Historic Streak Ends

by Liz Holland

Amy Schneider’s historic “Jeopardy!” winning streak has come to an end. The news finally became public once Wednesday’s episode aired. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Schneider took to Twitter to share her public reaction in an extensive thread of tweets. 

As part of Schneider’s reaction, she took time to thank the behind the scenes crew on “Jeopardy!” Schneider writes, “So much of the credit for the show’s success lies with the behind the scenes crew, in ways that aren’t obvious to the viewer. But seeing “behind the curtain,” you realize that it wouldn’t be what it is without amazing people who work long hours to bring it to you every weeknight.”

The 42 year old engineer also spent lots of time thanking their partner, Genevieve, for believing in her and supporting her while she was on the show. Schneider says her experience involved frequent trips to Los Angeles for filming. Additionally, once the show began airing, Schneider was constantly doing interviews. She thanked Genevieve for her patience through it all, and for loving her regardless of if she won or lost. 

Amy Schneider Thanks ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans

The iconic “Jeopardy!” contestant also was sure to thank the fans that have supported her through the game show journey. “And finally: thank you all for coming along with me on this journey!,” Schneider tweeted late Wednesday. “I wish I’d had the time to interact more with all of you, but I’ve read as many of your comments and messages as I could, and the overwhelming support and love you all have given me has meant the world to me.

She continues, “I hope you keep following me through whatever is still to come, and I hope those of you that have come (or come back) to Jeopardy because of me stick with it now that I’m gone.”

Finally, Schneider wrapped up her beautiful reflection with some final thoughts. She says of “Jeopardy!,” “It’s one of the best shows on TV, and I have no doubt that before too long you’ll find another great champion to root for. If nothing else, watch Rhone get introduced tomorrow, they made a really great moment out of it! Once again, thanks, and I’ll see you soon!”

Amy Schneider’s winning streak came to an end when opponent Rhone Talsma dominated in Final Jeopardy!. Things began to look rocky for Schneider when Talsma got ahead thanks to a Daily Double. Typically, Schneider knocks out both Daily Doubles, giving her a pretty good safety net going into the final round. When Talsma swept in and bet all of his winnings on the Daily Double, Schneider knew she was in trouble. 

Sure enough, Talsma answered correctly for Final Jeopardy as well. Schneider failed to come up with an answer, giving Wednesday’s crown to Talsma.