‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Brad Rutter Talks ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Due To Rise in Super Champs

by Amy Myers

Lately, it seems that Jeopardy! champs have been occurring more and more frequently, but if you ask Brad Rutter, there’s no conspiracy theory behind the coincidence.

Rutter, himself, was a Jeopardy! alum from 2000, when contestants were only allowed to return for up to five episodes. Rutter reached this limit and then retired from fame. Despite only appearing in five episodes, Rutter racked up a massive win of $4,938,436 in Jeopardy! tournaments. Meanwhile, in recent episodes, champs like Matt Amodio, with a 38-streak win, and Amy Schneider, with a 31-streak win, have been frequent headliners. Not to mention several other high-streak contenders, like Jonathon Fisher with 11, Courtney Shah with seven and Brian Chang with seven.

Now that the game show has an impressive track record of recent victories, Jeopardy! fans have begun to divulge their own theories that explain the “super champs.”

“It seems like we have super champions coming on every couple of months or so now, which has all the conspiracy theorists talking of course,” Rutter told TV Insider.

But according to Rutter, the odds of choosing a super champ for Jeopardy! are pretty much 50-50.

“Somebody asked me about it the other day and the example I gave, which I’m not sure is great, was if you flip a coin a million times, you’d be surprised how many times it’ll come up heads 20 or 30 times in a row,” Rutter continued.

He also explained that rigging the show would require a lot more work than people realize.

“It’s way more than you would expect. Even if they wanted to rig [the game], I don’t know how they could,” the former Jeopardy! champ shared. “This kind of stuff just happens. And I think we should just enjoy it while it’s happening.”

Former Champ Talks Glamour of ‘Jeopardy!’ and Game Show Fame

Now that he’s a Jeopardy! alum, Rutter has still kept up with the latest and greatest of the game show. In particular, he’s especially impressed with Schneider, who has the highest earnings and longest win streak of all women to appear on the show.

“I have watched Amy and obviously, she’s fantastic,” Rutter gushed.

Meanwhile, Rutter, himself, is still enjoying the fame he gets from Jeopardy! as well as his new game show, The Chase, which he hosts alongside fellow Jeopardy! legends, Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer.

“I used to get Jeopardy! guy from time to time, and now I get like, ‘Oh, hey, Brad, love you on Jeopardy! And I love The Chase.’ Which is really great to hear,” Rutter said. “You look at the ratings and you know people are watching, but it’s nice to get that feedback in real life.”