‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Brad Rutter Says He’s Starting To Get Recognized More for ‘The Chase’

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Brad Rutter spent much time answering questions in front of an audience on Jeopardy. That hasn’t stopped thanks to his role on ABC’s game show, The Chase.

On the hit game show, Rutter gets to work alongside fellow former Jeopardy pals, Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer. However, the team has changed up a bit due to the arrival of Mark Labbett in Season 2.

“As we get more experience, we have even more fun with it. As great as the trivia is, we get better at messing around and making jokes and stuff like that too,” Rutter tells TV Insider.

Rutter was happy to open up about working with his fellow chasers, Jeopardy, and his style on the show. When asked what it’s been like welcoming Mark into the group, he had an answer ready:

“It was mostly like sliding right back into a nice warm bath. That was pretty much the only thing from our perspective that changed. We did make a few tweaks to the gameplay, but that was basically the same. Obviously, Mark has been on more episodes of The Chase than anyone else around the world. So he fit right in and he likes to talk smack like the rest of us. So it was just like adding a fourth limb to the three-limbed tree”.

Well, extra limps always come in handy!

Brad Rutter Answers Questions For TV Insider

Season 2 of The Chase is back and TV Insider has questions for Mr. Rutter that require immediate answers.

The interviewer asked Rutter if he ever wished he didn’t have to work against the competitors answering trivia questions:

“I’m always going for full out. However, with certain contestants who I end up liking, I do in the back of my mind start thinking, well, I would feel kind of bad to beat this person. I remember Elliot from Season 1, which it didn’t end up being an issue because he ended up beating me, but he was just so much fun that it would’ve seemed unfortunate to beat him, but I’m giving it all I have every time out there,” he answers.

After being asked if his bow-ties were a signature accessory for the game, Brad Rutter gave the answer many of us already assumed:

“Yeah. I don’t really wear them too often in real life either. I do have a few and I’ll bust them out for like a summer wedding or something like that. But I was just thinking about different things I could do to maybe change it up a little bit on the show, and I suggested the bow ties. And then our showrunner was all over it. He was like, ‘That’s perfect. We’re doing it.’ So, I’ve been wearing the bow ties on the show ever since,” he said.

Thankfully, we Outsiders have been loving the bow-tie look!