‘Jeopardy!’ Challenges Fans to Take on Professors Tournament Champ Sam Buttrey

by Madison Miller

Sam Buttrey walked away as the champion of the first-ever Professors Tournament on “Jeopardy!” on Friday.

The spectacular contestant was able to beat 14 other professors from colleges and universities from all around the country. The head-to-head competition started on December 6 and was hosted by Mayim Bialik.

Test Yourself Against ‘Jeopardy!’ Winner Sam Buttrey

In the process, he earned $100,000 and a spot in the very highly-anticipated Tournament of Champions, where he will go up against Matt Amodio, Amy Schneider, Jonathan Fisher, as well as many other top-tier competitors.

Now, “Jeopardy!” is urging people to try to see if they can defeat Sam Buttrey virtually. On the official site for the trivia show, you can try to answer some of the clues Buttrey got correct.

What happens if you end up getting them all right? Physically, nothing at all. Emotionally, “big-time bragging rights.” The clues feature topics that range from classic movies to literary museums to sidekicks, which means you’re knowledge will have to be quite expansive.

As for Sam Buttrey, he’s gained quite the following for being the doppelgänger of popular actor Steve Martin. The tournament basically had a celebrity appearance. He isn’t an actor in shows like “Only Murders in the Building,” instead, Buttrey is an associate professor of operations research at The Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

“This has been the greatest time, and to come out ahead of all these other great players is something I’ll remember forever. The group was uniformly so smart, charming, and warm, and there’s been a real feeling of camaraderie from the very beginning,” Buttrey said regarding his experience in the tournament.

Buttrey seems to have enjoyed getting to know some of his fellow collegiate competitors while they were filming for the show.

Matt Amodio and Sam Buttrey

Now, Sam Buttrey is going to have his skills tested all over again in the Tournament of Champions.

For example, Amy Schneider is the current contestant on “Jeopardy!” with a 13-game streak that she will potentially add to on Monday. As for Amodio, he broke records on the popular trivia show. He has the second-longest streak of 38 games and won more than $1.5 million.

“Very impressive! Looking forward to meeting in person!!” Amodio wrote on Twitter in response to Buttrey’s victory. It’s going to be one of the most exciting Tournaments of Champions in show history, given the kind of contestants we’ve seen recently.

As for Buttrey, he’s looking forward to the next step of it all as well.

“I know there are some strong players, but I want to go up against them. I would like to play against Matt Amodio, he’s a strong player and I’d like to see how I can do,” Buttrey said.