‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Admits Having ‘Jitters’ in 24th Straight Victory

by Shelby Scott

Monday night aired another new round of “Jeopardy!” and despite 24 straight wins, current champ Amy Schneider admitted to having jitters in speaking with game show host Ken Jennings. See for yourself.

Schneider’s streak is impressive for multiple reasons. With her earnings currently nearing $900,000, Outsiders, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the reigning champ reach that milestone of $1 million. Regardless, her current win streak puts the “Jeopardy!” contestant at number four in terms of consecutive games won, just behind third-place champ James Holzhauer.

Outsiders will recall Holzhauer’s record streak ended with a total of 32 wins. So in terms of rounds, Schneider still has a little ways to go. However, she’s continuing to set and break records as she works to near, and possibly surpass the third-place champ’s position.

Alongside consecutive wins, the current “Jeopardy!” champ has earned the title of the highest-earning female contestant in the game show’s 57 years on television.

Further, her current gameplay has made Schneider eligible for the “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions. There, she will face off with second-place champ for consecutive wins, Matt Amodio, in addition to the formidable Jonathan Fisher. She’s also set to face off against the winner of the Professors Tournament, Sam Buttrey.

Navy Vet Shares Positive ‘Jeopardy!’ Experience

While Amy Schneider continues to dominate the “Jeopardy!” stage this season, other contestants have also spoken out about their experience on the beloved game show. And despite all the drama that ensued earlier last year, one recent contestant, Navy veteran Josette Fedor Curtis, had nothing but positive things to say of both the game show and the crew.

Overall, the contestant stated, “It was wonderful – a lifelong dream.” Curtis shared with the Times Leader that she had taken the online test for “Jeopardy!” 10 times before finally qualifying for the “tryouts” round. From there, she excelled and filmed the episode she recently debuted in several months ago in October.

Of the crew, the game show contestant said, “The entire crew down there is wonderful – they know how long most try to get on the show, so they made it as fun and not nerve-wracking as they could.”

Additionally, Curtis spoke of her time spent with current reigning champ, Amy Schneider. And while obviously, “Jeopardy!” contestants are there to compete with each other, the Navy vet shared that it often felt as though they were “long-time friends.”

Of Schneider’s gameplay, Curtis said, “the show where I competed against her ended up being her 20th victory. So, it’ll be great to look back and say I was able to go up against one of the GOATs of ‘Jeopardy!'”