‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Could Unseat James Holzhauer for Third-Most Consecutive Wins Tonight

by Chris Haney
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Later tonight, current Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider will continue her historic run on the game show. With another victory today, she’ll unseat legendary contestant James Holzhauer for third-most consecutive wins.

Schneider is sitting on 32 wins in a row following last night’s victory. The contestant’s astonishing run ties her with Holzhauer for third place, but she still has a long way to go to catch second and first place. In fact, second-place finisher Matt Amodio just wrapped up his historic run on the show a few months ago in October. Amodio holds second with a 38-game win streak, which could already be broken by Schneider in the next couple of weeks if her luck continues.

However, even if the current Jeopardy! champion passes Amodio for second, she’s got a long way to go to overtake first place. Iconic champ Ken Jennings is well-known as the greatest contestant in Jeopardy! history. In 2004, he recorded 74 consecutive wins, which still stands to this day.

Ironically, Jennings is also the current host of the popular game show. In a preview clip of tonight’s episode, Jennings spoke with Schneider about her win streak. Jennings and Holzhauer are good friends, so the host had some fun at James’ expense when speaking to Amy about possibly passing him in tonight’s episode.

Jennings also asked Schneider about her expectations coming into the show. The contestant said she was confident of winning 3 or 4 episodes, but she definitely didn’t expect this kind of a streak. Yet once she got going, Schneider set her sights on the Top 3 and Holzhauer’s record. The Jeopardy! champion amusingly called Holzhauer a “divisive contestant,” which got a laugh out of Jennings.

“I love James, but he’s a target of mine too,” Jennings joked.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Reveals Her One Strategy While Competing On the Game Show

As Amy Schneider’s win streak picked up steam, various news outlets reached out for interviews. It comes with the territory when you win as many games of Jeopardy! as Schneider. The current champion wrote a piece for Newsweek that detailed her ongoing winning streak. That’s where she revealed the one strategy she’s stuck to on the game show.

“The only strategy I really had was that if I came up against a category I thought I would be weak in—for example popular music—I would get it out of the way first. That way, if there were any doubles in that category, they would come up when there wasn’t as much money to be wagered,” Schneider wrote.

In addition, Schneider revealed what it felt like to qualify for Jeopardy!‘s “Tournament of Champions.” After a contestant’s fifth win in a row, they’re automatically qualified for the special event.

“But I had done so much to prepare for not winning my fifth game, that when I did win, I didn’t really have any feelings ready. Immediately afterwards, all I could think about was that I should have gotten the “Final Jeopardy!” clue. That’s just how I am! But I quickly realized what I had accomplished. Whatever else happens going forward, there’s no way this can’t be called a successful run,” she added.