‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Hits $1 Million in Winnings

by Megan Molseed

It looks like Jeopardy! has another record-breaking contestant as Amy Schneider hits the $1 million mark in winnings on the long-running game show.

Amy Schneider, an engineering manager who hails from Oakland, California has now officially become the fourth person in Jeopardy!’s thirty-eight-year history to win more than one million during a non-tournament play.

The Jeopardy! champion hit this milestone when she won yet again during her twenty-eighth straight victory during the Friday, January 7 episode of the popular game show.

During Friday’s Jeopardy! installment, Schneider finished with a winning amount of $42,200. This brings her total winning amount up to over the one million dollar milestone at $1,019,001.

“It feels amazing,” Amy Schneider says of her impressive Jeopardy! wins; as well as her equally impressive total winning amount.

“It’s not a sum of money I ever anticipated would be associated with my name,” Schneider continues of her newest status as a millionaire.

Amy Schneider Wins Some Major Cash On ‘Jeopardy!’

Amy Schneider joins an elite group of people to win more than one million playing a regular season of Jeopardy!

In fact, the “group” is so elite at this point, it includes only three other people. These three? Jeopardy! GOAT Ken Jennings; second place all-time Jeopardy! winner James Holzhauer; and third place Jeopardy all-time champion Matt Amodio.

Ken Jennings made headlines in the early 2000s after he shattered records with his mind-boggling seventy-four game-winning streak. In total, Jeopardy’s number one champion won an impressive $2,520,700 during his record-breaking winning streak.

Jenning’s held this record by quite a bit for a number of years. That is until James Holzhauer came into the picture recently. While Holzhauer was still many victories shy of breaking Jenning’s record – he had a total of thirty-two compared to the GOAT’s seventy-four; he came close behind Jennings in winning totals. Hiolzhauer’s take home at the end of the run came to $2,462,216. Less than $100,000 away from breaking the all-time record previously set by Jennings.

Next on the Jeopardy! winning totals list is Matt Amodio who found his winning streak not long before Schneider took over the champion role in the regular-season games.

Amodio gained momentum with thirty-eight winning streaks just last year. Amodio won a total of $1,518,601 during his time on the game show.

Now, this major milestone is certainly one the Amy Schneider is welcoming since the Jeopardy! winner has not had the easiest start to 2022.

The Jeopardy! winner revealed in a Twitter post that she was the victim of a robbery when her ID, credit cards, and phone were recently stolen in California. Thankfully, Schneider escaped the experience with no physical injuries. Although, she was pretty shaken by the experience.

Schneider’s next run at keeping her post as the current Jeopardy! champ continues on Monday, January 10.