‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Justifies Her Basketball Fandom

by Jonathan Howard

While Amy Schneider has proven to be an expert on almost all trivia on Jeopardy! she really knows a thing or two about basketball.

The Jeopardy! champ has done quite a lot on the show. During her historic winning streak, viewers have learned a lot about her. Most recently, fans were introduced to her basketball fandom. So, who does Schneider cheer for? The Golden State Warriors, of course.

The Oakland resident is a big Warriors fan. She sure knows how to rack up points like Steph Curry. However, for those that think she is a bandwagon fan, think again. Schneider has been a fan since the Stephen Jackson/Jamal Crawford days. Check out the Twitter clip below.

“I mean I’d say I’m [a] pretty big [fan],” Schneider said to Ken Jennings. “I know some big ones. But I do want to always emphasize that I moved to Oakland in 2009 and started rooting for them then, which was before they were any good. So I want everybody to know that.”

Little did the Jeopardy! champ know that she would soon be a fan of the NBA’s hottest team featuring a literal game-changing player in Curry. Klay Thompson is set to return from injury as well this week. Perhaps Amy will set a new single-game personal record in honor of the big return. After just a couple of down seasons, now the Warriors are back on top of the NBA.

As for Schneider, her streak extends to 25 games and she isn’t looking back. With seven more wins she will tie James Holzhauer in all-time wins. She trails just Holzhauer, Matt Amodio, and of course, Ken Jennings.

What do you think feels better: Hitting a 40 foot three at the buzzer? Or going all-in on a Daily Double and hitting it?

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Continues Streak

During this win streak, Amy Schneider has done some pretty amazing things. Not only is she a talent on the stage, but she is also an inspiration. As such a visible and beloved champion, she is by far the most famous and successful transgender contestant ever on the show.

Not only has she won 25 games in a row, but she has also done it with big game totals. She isn’t on Holzhauer’s level, but she has a better score per game than Amodio and Jennings. Soon, she will surpass the $1 million mark. Then, she continues to climb the leaderboards from there.

Her streak has been impressive. Schneider makes Jeopardy! look so fun and has been a great champion. Her knowledge seems endless. But her humility makes fans and viewers drawn to her. As she continues her streak there will be more milestones and more reasons to love watching her on the show.