‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Reflects on Historic Run After 39th Consecutive Win

by Liz Holland

“Jeopardy!” contestant Amy Schneider just made history on the show, again. The champ broke another record during Monday’s game for consecutive wins, surpassing former contestant Matt Amodio. 

Schneider is the first woman to hit the $1 million mark in wins on the show. She’s now won 39 games consecutively and amassed a fortune of $1,319,800. The “Jeopardy!” Twitter account shared a video of Clue Crew member Jimmy McGuire sitting down with Schneider shortly after the win to get her thoughts. When asked how it felt to to beat Amodio’s record, Schneider says it feels “unreal.” “ I’m still looking forward to seeing it happen on TV to know that it happened,” Schneider said.

She continues, “But it’s funny too, playing the game you have to be so focused on it… Like the weekend going into it knowing that I had this chance, I was definitely thinking about it.” She says she realized what she had accomplished after it set in that she answered Final Jeopardy! correctly. “But then after the ‘Final Jeopardy!’ I was just going ‘ugh, the field museum.’ And then Ken said it and I was like, ‘Oh right, I just accomplished this huge thing.’ It was pretty great. I knew that I was gonna be on this season so there was a time when I was like ‘I might be going up against Matt.’ I was worried about it, and I still kind of am. But, I’m excited to have the opportunity.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Says Host Ken Jennings Is ‘Comforting’

On Monday’s show, Schneider went into round three with a hefty lead over her opponents. Finding and correctly answering both Daily Doubles, Schneider was set up with a $33,000 gap keeping her in first place.She did lose $25,000 when she answered a Final Jeopardy! question incorrectly. However, she still managed to leave the episode with an additional $12,600.

Now that Schneider has surpassed Amodio for consecutive wins, the only person standing in between her and that #1 spot is current host of the show, Ken Jennings. When Jennings competed on “Jeopardy!”, he won 74 games consecutively. 

According to Schneider, it’s “comforting” sharing a stage with Jennings. “It feels really great,” the competitor told McGuire. “I’m so glad, obviously I didn’t know for sure who would be hosting when I got here and I’m so glad it’s been Ken. Just knowing that he knows what it’s like to be in the position I’m in-– at this point, he’s the only one who knows. It’s just really kind of comforting having that on stage.”

It also looks like Schneider will be competing directly with Matt Amodio in the next Tournament of Champions. To Matt, she says “It was a real pleasure watching you, and it’s really gonna be an honor playing against you, and it’s gonna be a tight competition.”

We can’t wait. Check your local listings for where and when to watch “Jeopardy!”