‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Reveals She Was Robbed

by Jennifer Shea

Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider had a stroke of bad luck this past weekend. She lost her ID, credit cards and phone to a robbery, and she’s had trouble sleeping since then as a result.

Schneider, who lives in Oakland, California, said she is fine, and that’s what really matters. But the robbery clearly has taken a toll.

“I got robbed yesterday, lost my ID, credit cards, and phone,” Schneider tweeted Monday. “I then couldn’t really sleep last night, and have been dragging myself around all day trying to replace everything.”

Schneider added in a subsequent tweet that she probably wouldn’t be able to write a tweet thread on Monday’s Jeopardy! episode as a result. And she said it “may take a bit for me to get caught up” if she keeps winning.

Jeopardy! Champ Wants to Send a Positive Message

Schneider is the first transgender contestant to make it to the Tournament of Champions on Jeopardy!. And she says she’s setting an example for trans people all over the world with her Jeopardy! winning streak.

“I am from Ohio where the only trans people I thought of were drag queens or prostitutes,” she told ABC 7 recently. “Seeing other trans women in a good spotlight inspired me to not be afraid of trying to compete in the thing I have always loved.”

Schneider added that she wants to “send a positive message to the nerdy trans girl who wants to be on the show too.”

Schneider has said that she was surprised by her breakout success on the show, and that she did way better than she expected to do. Still, she says she had a goal in sight.

“Once I got to episodes three and four, I knew the fifth one was in sight,” she told ABC 7. “Once I got it, it was a great feeling, mostly because I was having fun and I didn’t want to stop. By qualifying for the fifth one, I knew I would come back [for the Tournament of Champions].”

Over New Year’s Weekend, Schneider Acknowledged Fans and Detractors

While Schneider has mostly met with an outpouring of congratulations for her record-setting run, she’s also faced some detractors. And in a couple of New Year’s Eve tweets, she acknowledged them both.

“I’d like to thank all the people who have taken the time, during this busy holiday season, to reach out and explain to me that, actually, I’m a man,” Schneider tweeted sarcastically. “Every single one of you is the first person ever to make that very clever point, which had never once before crossed my mind.”

But Schneider went on to say that she was happy to have won her Dec. 31 game, ending the year as the reigning Jeopardy! champ. And she said she’s grateful to have gotten so much positive reinforcement from strangers over the course of her run.

“I knew that if I won this last game, I’d keep my quest alive, and get some rest, but I also realized that I would end 2021 as the reigning Jeopardy champion! It’s like ending with the year-end number one ranking in tennis, except not at all meaningful,” she added. “And thanks to all of you! 2021 wasn’t the best year for the world, but it turned out to be the best year I’ve ever had! Not only have I had this Jeopardy run, but I’ve heard from so many wonderful people. I wish I could respond to all of you, but it’s very much appreciated!”