‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Says Hosting Show Would Be a ‘Cool Experience’

by Chris Haney

Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider is on a historic winning streak that doesn’t seem like it’ll come to a stop anytime soon. Last week, she reached third place on the game show’s all-time wins list. Schneider is already in rare territory, but would she ever consider hosting the show like some of the other past champions?

Currently, legendary Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings is at the helm of the popular game show. Jennings is well-known as the show’s greatest ever champion, and he still holds the record for most consecutive wins with his own 74-game win streak. The famous contestant and actress Mayim Bialik have split the hosting duties since Mike Richards’ unceremonious exit from the show.

Previous to that, Jeopardy! utilized a rotating cast of celebrity guest hosts following iconic host Alex Trebek’s death in November 2020. While speaking to the Los Angeles Times recently, the outlet asked Schneider if she’d consider hosting the game show. She said that Jennings, the current interim host during her win streak, is doing a “fantastic” job. But if the game show asked her, it sounds like it’s something she would consider.

“It would certainly be a cool experience,” Schneider said to the LA Times. “It’s a lot harder than it looks. Whether I’d actually even be good at it, I don’t know … But yeah, I’d certainly consider it if somebody asked.”

For now, though, Schneider is only worried about continuing her 34-game winning streak. On Friday, she passed previous third place holder James Holzhauer’s 32-game run. That leaves Schneider only five games short of unseating second-place contestant Matt Amodio who went on a 38-game winning streak just a few months ago. However, it’ll be a much larger challenge to reach Jennings’ 74-game streak from 2004.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ ‘Blown Away’ By Her Success On the Game Show

Amy Schneider came into her first Jeopardy! appearance thinking if things went her way she could win at least a few games in a row. The Dayton, Ohio native has far surpassed that and has already won more than $1.1 million during her win streak. Following her 33rd victory, the champion said she’s “blown away” by her success so far on the game show.

“I’m just blown away,” Schneider said of her win streak. “I’ve said, I did start to think about this number [33 wins] a while ago. But I didn’t really think [I’d get here]. That only two other people have done this is just hard to wrap my mind around.”

For Schneider, her winning streak is a dream come true for a lifelong fan of Jeopardy!. It took her years to receive an invite after trying for more than a decade, but she was persistent and it paid off. In fact, Amy recently shared that she can’t even remember a time where she didn’t tune in to the game show.

“I can’t ever remember not watching Jeopardy!” Schneider explained. “It was one of the things that was just on every night, and I would watch with my parents.”