‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Says He ‘Inherited’ Former Contestant James Weldon’s Sweater He Wore on Show

by Jonathan Howard

When you go on a 36 game winning streak, like Jeopardy! champ Matt Amodio, you can’t always pack and plan for the occasion. So, along the way, he has picked up a couple of outfits.

During one of the one-on-ones with host Mayim Bialik, the second-winningest champ in the history of the game show pointed out that a fellow contestant loaned him some clothes. However, with over a million dollars won collectively, it’s hard to think he doesn’t have options.

The Ph.D. student is still living a college lifestyle with clothes he got from former contestant James Weldon. Amodio made sure to thank him for the sweater.

Bonus points to Jeopardy! and their social media crew for the Lord of the Rings reference in the caption of the tweet. This begs a few questions. Are producers keeping Amodio trapped at the studio? Does he only own a few shirts? Does Matt collect one piece of clothing from each of the contestants he defeats as trophies? We may never know.

Really, this is just another little tidbit that makes Matt Amodio such a great champion. He does have a fun personality, he knows everything there is to know, and he has even had a big-money game. Recently he set his personal best on the show, taking in $83,000 over the course of a single game.

He has made a name for himself with his long win streak and has even taught viewers a few rules along the way. It has been fun watching him takedown game after game and not miss a beat. Amodio might be the one to make a real run at Ken Jennings’ record of 74 wins.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champs Congratulate Amodio, Promises ‘Full Power’

Since Matt Amodio has started to rewrite the history books, the Jeopardy! champion has gotten a round of applause from the former greats of the show. He has interacted on Twitter with James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter.

Those three are considered the GOATS, and now with Amodio in the midst of his own streak, he might be the fourth head on Jeopardy! Mt. Rushmore. During his win streak, the Ph.D. student from Yale has made some fans and some enemies.

However, it appears he might have a Thanos moment after collecting tweets from all three of those former champions. The tweet read, “Little did they know…when I collect all 3, it unlocks my full #Jeopardy powers!”

If that is the case, then Amodio is going to start heading for his 40th win very soon. Once he makes it over 37 games, he has officially made it over halfway to the top spot. However, that is still a long way away. He has to overcome a lot more contestants and potentially survive competing while Jennings himself hosts the show. That’s gotta be a little nerve-racking.