‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Matt Amodio Thanks Fans for a Great Birthday

by Leanne Stahulak

“Jeopardy!” champion Matt Amodio celebrated a special birthday this year, especially after earning huge acclaim for his time on the game show.

But it wasn’t just his run on “Jeopardy!” that made this birthday in particular so incredible. The 38-day champion also gave a huge shoutout to one person who helped Amodio have “a happier, more enjoyable year.”

Amodio took to Twitter earlier with a video thanking this person. “Wow, it’s been quite a year,” Amodio begins in the video. “Being on ‘Jeopardy!’ was fun, yeah. But what’s really made this experience special is getting to share it with all of you. I look forward to many more years and snarky tweets in the future.”

The “Jeopardy!” champ backed up his sweet message with an equally heartwarming caption for his tweet. “This person helped make it a happier, more enjoyable year for me. What’s… you?” Amodio revealed. “Thanks for making my first birthday celebrated as a #Jeopardy champ so great! [Cake], anyone?”

Amodio’s really bonded with his fans over Twitter. He’s been one of the more socially interactive contestants on the game show, which just makes people love him more. It’s no wonder that the “Jeopardy!” champ gave a shoutout to the fans when he really takes the time to see what they say and respond kindly.

And, of course, a good portion of Amodio’s snarky tweets happen to come from conversations he has with fans. Check out the one below for reference.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Wish Matt Amodio A Happy Birthday

One of the happy birthday wishes from a “Jeopardy!” fan prompted Matt Amdoio to post a hilarious tweet in response. A Twitter user named Claud commented on Amodio’s post, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!! Did you know you share a birthday with Jeff Bridges, Troy from Community, & the LA Times? Thanks for being born, Sagittarius king!! We love you!”

Dec. 4 seems to be a pretty popular day for celebrity birthdays. But Amodio picked out one in particular to harp on.

“Wow, delivery must have been a nightmare,” he wrote, attaching a picture of the Los Angeles Times building. The snarkiness never ceases.

Miraculously, Claud hit back at the “Jeopardy!” champion’s tweet with a quip of her own. She took Amodio’s picture of the Los Angeles Times building, shrunk it down, and photoshopped it over a baby’s face. She even added a little binky on top of it. “Yeah, but she sure was cute,” Claud replied to Amodio’s message. Even the king of Twitter snark couldn’t top that.

“This made me laugh, thanks!” Amodio replied.

Other fans quickly took to the comments to wish Amdoio a happy birthday. “Happy happy birthday Matt! Still remember enjoying your days on Jeopardy!!! Your sincere kind attitude was wonderfully unique! I hope you enjoyed every minute today!!!” Twitter user Marline wrote.

A “Jeopardy!” fan named Erin said, “So do you count in regular years or Jeopardy years now? 1 or 31?!” A fair point and one Amodio looked like he wanted to take advantage of. But wouldn’t we all?